Charu Takes 2nd Place in Summer Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Charu…

..on taking 2nd place in our Summer Photo Contest! Most of the stories you will read on this site involve pets overcoming a personal health challenge of some sort. This beautiful girl was introduced to Nzymes because of difficulties faced by her doggy-sister. The good news is that both dogs have experienced the benefits of sound nutrition. That’s why we say, “Natural Products, Real Results!”

Charu is taking Nzymes because of her sister Daisy, who is a Jack Russel terrier and beagle mix. One day, 10 years ago, Daisy’s rear legs became paralyzed, and we woke up to find she was dragging herself with her front paws. We were so distraught and confused. We took her to the vet and she told us that there was swelling in her spine, causing problems with her rear legs. She gave us two options: spinal surgery, which was not guaranteed to cure her or put her to sleep.

We did not accept either option as she was not in pain, and we decided we would deal with it and possibly get her a wheelchair for dogs. I thought there must be another solution to cure Daisy’s disability, like a natural remedy, and went online and came across I read all the customer feedback and found similarities between Daisy’s problem and what other dogs suffered, and how Nzymes helped with healing challenges.

We ordered Nzymes Granules and literally, in one month my Daisy was walking again! Not perfectly, and with some trouble still, but I was so grateful that she was walking—something the vet said she would never do again. She has been walking ever since, and she is 16 years old now, but not well because of old age, yet I’m so grateful for Nzymes which helped give her a normal life for so many more years than the vet ever assumed she’d have, thank you!

We call Nzymes Granules the magic powder, and this is why Charu uses Nzymes—because we love it and we know she is healthy because of the supplements!

Judy LaVerde

New York, USA

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