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Problems: Itchy Skin, Bleeding Sores, Allergies Symptoms

December 12:  At 1.5 years old our standard Poodle, Inis, starting itching her throat, and making it bleed daily. Within weeks she then started scratching the back of her head and over her shoulders. We visited 3 vets to no avail.inis_marino_neck_b4_8-10

An allergist specialist then tested her and had a list of everyday “things she was allergic to”. So, to the tune of $2,700 later, and daily shots – she still showed no improvement.

Over the next month I had to call and ask her allergist doctor why it was that every time I gave her an allergy shot, she would break out in another itchy spot and scratch it until it was raw. His response. “You’re not giving the shots right”. I hung up and promptly threw out the shots and started talking to close acquaintances about this problem.

InisB4I had one VERY DEAR person recommend NZYMES.COM. With some reserve, in mid-September, I ordered the Large Healthy-Skin Kit and started both my Std. Poodles (Dooley too, age 3) on these products and program.

At this time Dooley was showing signs of the same problem. WELL, much to my surprise, I stuck with NZYMES®, and Dooley has had no reoccurring scratching episodes. Inis looks and feels so much better. She’s actually growing hair back on her head, face, and shoulders. And she is actually sleeping now without the constant scratching. This product has sold me, I just placed another order for MORE!

I am thrilled to have my little girl almost back to herself… 🙂

J. Marino – FL

April 21
This is an update for Inis, I just wanted to let everyone know, that INIS is doing AMAZINGLY GREAT!Inis&DooleyAfter

She went from a little girl who scratched 24/7. She was so uncomfortable after many many visits to the vet with no results. As stated in her previous story, nothing worked until I started her on the NZYMES®.

I wanted to just let everyone know, her ears are cleared up, she has almost completely stopped scratching, and… ready for this… SHE IS EXPECTING HER FIRST LITTER OF PUPPIES!

THANKS, NZYMES®… without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!
PS.. her brother Dooley is also doing wonderful 🙂

Update: May 21

InisPupsI just wanted to let everyone know that Inis delivered 10 of the most perfect and healthy puppies on May 10th. Mother and pups doing super on NZYMES®.

I am so proud of this litter. I really didn’t think it was ever going to happen… and thanks to NZYMES®, it finally has, and the puppies are beautiful, fat and healthy.

I am still amazed at how well both Inis and Dooley are doing on the NZYMES® products. So much so that I just ordered them for myself as well. I am a lifetime customer for sure!

Joanne Marino, FL

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