Why Give Your Dog Apple Cider Vinegar

Overview: Benefits of Giving Your Dog Apple Cider Vinegar Why give your dog apple cider vinegar? Surely we have all heard the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". This could well have a lot of merits. Apples are among the most health-giving fruits...

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Is Your Dog Happy?

How You Might Contribute - or Not Everyone wants a healthy dog – but how would you know? Is your dog happy? We have any number of tests and measures to help you determine the health of a dog; but - just like people - happiness also plays a key role in overall quality...

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4 Do’s and Don’ts at the Doggy Park

A Few Doggy Park Rules... I am so excited to meet the new dog in my life… I don’t have him or her yet, but I’m already getting prepared: picking out doggy bowls, researching the best foods for my new friend and looking up nearby dog parks – and there are a bunch to...

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Is it Cruel to Keep Dogs as “Pets”?

A "Rebuttal" to an Article on 'HubPage.com' (per the Link below) So... I recently stumbled upon someone's article that caught my eye: "Why It's Cruel to Keep Dogs as 'Pets" If you haven't read it, let me summarize some of its finer points. It talks about how pet...

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Vaccine Reactions in Dogs

Unwanted Reactions to Vaccinations in Dogs Vaccinosis is the general name for chronic disease caused by vaccines. There can be many symptoms from vaccines including seizures, fever, lethargy, hypertrophic dystrophy (bone pain), & muscle aches. In extreme cases,...

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Anal Gland Problems in Dogs

Dogs and Anal Gland Concerns Anal sacs are scent glands of the dog located just below, to the left and right of the rectum. As a large stool is passed through the rectum, pressure is applied to the sacs forcing a small amount of anal gland secretion to the stool. This...

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