Learn How this Dalmatian Fared with Seizure Challenges

Dalmatain with Periodic Cluster Seizures

Dalmatian Cluster Seizures, dog seizures

Dog Breed: Dalmatian
Age: 3 Yrs.
Health History: Seizure troubles

Brigitta is a gorgeous “Dal Gal” that we brought home after adopting her at the age of one-year. A few months later, she had her first seizure episode. They would fluctuate, some months she’d have cluster seizures of 5 or 6 and some months 1-3.

Natural steps we take

Since having found the wonderful Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats (and the great folks at Nzymes®), she’ll go months now without having any at ALL; and if she does she’ll maybe only have 2 in a row at most. And that’s so manageable compared antioxidant Treats for longevity supportto what it used to be like.

Other things we do to keep her brain from going into seizures, is we keep a small chair with a large pillow in front of her while she’s cuddling on the sofa during TV hours with us. However, if a show is very loud or flashy, she goes to the bedroom. And of course, NO flash photography, please! That almost made her bounce off the wall one time.

Watching for “Aura’s”

If she is agitated now during the night and in the pre-seizure phase called the “aura”, either my husband or I will give her a bear hug and massage her vigorously. Taking her outside for a potty break into the yard will also re-set the brain before the impending doom. Anything to re-set her nervous system.

Increasing enzymes only makes sense

We very highly recommend Nzymes® to anyone because you can’t beat excellent products at a fair price. It’s done wonders for our family. We even give it to our other Dal-Gal, Jolie just to keep her healthy too.
Also, it’s a relief that we don’t have to drug our dog and monitor levels of phenobarbital in her blood (expensive). And the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats don’t damage the liver or kidneys. What more could a pet owner ask for?

Thanks, Nzymes, we love you, thanks for caring so much about us.

-Julia, Jesse, Brigitta and Jolie – CA

Nzymes Footnote: When dealing with cluster seizures or any seizures in pets, it is best to have a plan of action when events occur as you read about here. Also, understanding “triggers” is important. Loud noises, bright lights, flashes, even thunder, and lightning can affect sensitive pets, like Bigatta. When events do break through, it is important to remain calm and be sure the pet is in a safe place to prevent falling or violent thrashing. For other tips, please visit our page HERE

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