Darbys’ Oral Growth History


Darby, Finally Clear of Nasty Oral Growths

My young dog Darby developed growths in her mouth while attending Doggy Day Care. The vet said this condition that seems to be occurring mostly in young dogs 1 to 2 years old.

The vet said there was no treatment for this condition, and it needed to run its course. He said, and it should go away within one to six months. I was given a dose of antibiotics for the dog because her mouth had been bleeding.

The problem kept getting worse as the small ones grew and more of them developed throughout her mouth.

Found Nzymes’ Oral Growth Support Progam Online

I began scouring the internet for information and came across the Nzymes website. Although I was very skeptical about ordering a product from the internet, I figured it was worth a shot to help with my poor dog’s suffering. I also ordered the Oral Health Support Kit and (received a Free bottle of Antioxidant Pet Treats

I began providing both products to Darby on October 29th; by November 1st, the growths were already going away. Darby was already better in just a few days! It is incredible how quickly the Oral Health Program worked. I took photos to document her progress;

Nzymes Papilloma Support Kit for Pets


Darby Before Oct-27th


Darby October 30th


Darby After Nov. 1st

If your dog has developed this issue, order the Nzymes® Oral Health Support Kit soon. I got my order the very next day. I am still amazed that she got better so fast. Thank you, Nzymes, for developing this Oral Growth Support Program. It worked wonders with my Darby!

Holly Rogers – Henderson, NV

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