Vaccinations & Seizures Reactions in Cats: How Lucky was Lucky

Siamese Mix Cat – Age: 2.5 – Health History: Vaccine Reactions – Seizures

Lucky was an inbred barn cat. He was fine up until his first vaccination in November 2005. Within 9 hours of his first vaccination, he had a seizure. He was unconscious uncontrollable shaking. He had a second seizure two hours after the first. The ER vet told us it was normal and a side effect of the vaccine.

During his first kitten vaccinations over a six week period, he continued to have seizures. They started coming closer together and were starting to get longer. He had his last vaccination a day before Christmas, 2005, and of course had a seizure hours after the vaccination which lasted 15 minutes. This time he lost control of his bowel movements during the seizure.

Siamese cat with seizures

We did research on the internet and found Nzymes.COM in January of 2006. After reading the stories about the other pets with seizures and so I bought the pet tabs not only for Lucky but also my other critters. I have two dogs and two other cats.

I started using the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats. I crushed them up and mix them in the canned food for Lucky. We started seeing improvements immediately. By the second month, the seizures were only coming 1 to 2 times a week. Within six months they were down to once a week and they were getting shorter.

22 mos. later, Lucky has two seizures a month. They last 60 to 90 seconds and he is a more loving and normal cat. Also, I noticed my other cats and dogs do not shed all the time and their coats shine.

Maybe one day Lucky will be free of seizures, but I owe it all to Nzymes!

Regina Filipiak – IL

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