November 19, 2006
Like many others, I have lived with diabetes for some time. In January 2006, I developed a bad sore on the right side of my right leg. The treatments my doctor used could not heal the sore and it turned into an ugly wound that grew bigger and bigger. Finally, my doctor gave up and sent me to the wound center of our local hospital.

On May 11, 2006, I started treatments at the Wound Center 3 times a week but I continued to have NO improvement. Finally, the wound center sent me to a cardiologist. He scheduled some tests on my legs and discovered that there was very little circulation on the right side of my right leg due to severe clogging. The doctor scheduled me for the hospital on September 14, 2006, where a procedure to help with clogged artery would be performed in the hope that it would help.

While waiting, my very concerned son did some research on the internet and ordered me a bottle of Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops and Nzymes® Antioxidant Complex and strongly suggested that I start taking it internally and using the Ox-E 2% solution topically to spray the wound in the hopes that it would help.

I started immediately and by September 14 (the day I was to go to the hospital for my cardiovascular procedure) the wound was already starting to heal enough that the doctor put my hospital procedure on hold to see if the wound would continue to improve.

Well, the wound did heal and on October 2, 2006, the wound center gave me a clean bill of health and released me as a patient. I was so concerned about the wound that I had neglected to notice that after starting to take Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops my legs, ankles and feet that used to be severely swollen due to the poor blood circulation, were no longer swollen and to date have remained free of swelling. I am very satisfied with the results of Ox-E-Drops and continue to take it on a daily basis.

Thank you,
Frank Aleman – Sims, IN


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