Dachshunds Bella & Emi Doing Better Now

We would like to thank Cheryl Penhart for sharing her experiences with Nzymes and her 2 Dachshund “sisters”, Bella & Emi. She shared their stories during our Summer Photo Contest. Like so many others, one pet had the problem, but both pets end up benefiting from the products. We hope you enjoy their stories.



Bella had black spots on her tummy, ear infections, she was scratching and lost much of her fur.

I started her on the Sprouted Granules and Ox-E-Drops and her tummy cleared to a lovely pink, her ear infections went away and her fur came back! I have kept her on the regimen and she is healthy and happy.

Thank you Nzymes!


Emi had no particular problem but her sister Bella did. Bella had ear infections, black spots on her tummy and she scratched till her fur came off.

I started giving Emi the Ox-E-Drops and Treats and to my amazement, the fur on her tummy came back after years of no fur. Nzymes has helped Emi in ways that I am not even aware of. She is healthy and happy and does not look or act her age.
Thank you Nzymes!

Cheryl Penhart
Hawaii, USA

Mom Tested, Dachshund Approved

NOTE:  The Antioxidant TREATS are ‘Made FROM the Granules‘. The two items are equivalent.


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