Learn About Otis – Walking Again with Nzymes Help

See Otis walk againLast May when Otis was 12.5 years old, he developed problems with walking. At first, we thought it was arthritis but soon he could not walk at all (much like Chessey). There was a problem in his spinal column, but the vet didn’t know what it was. They wanted to do expensive tests, and possibly surgery. Not only could I not afford this, I felt he was too old to put him through a surgery that most likely would not work.

I considered putting him to sleep, but he seemed to be enjoying life, had no problems with bladder or bowel control, and had a good appetite. So for the summer, we would sit out on the lawn and he would ‘pull’ himself around outside and in the house.antioxidant Treats for longevity support

I went to a different vet who had had good luck with cold laser treatments, and after looking at x-rays said there was no surgery that would work. (Upon finding NZYMES.COM, and ordering) I also put Otis on the Antioxidant Treats. He had received 4 (laser) treatments and is (also) still on the Antioxidant Treats.

In September he started to show improvement. We went back to the dog park and he enjoyed visiting with his friends. By Thanksgiving, he was walking (I had watched Chessey’s video and she had improved much like Otis). As time went on Otis got better. We fixed a ramp for him so he could get outside without my carrying him. We tried to use a wheelchair but his front legs were also affected and he didn’t have strength in them.

I had to leave him with a friend when I had surgery in March, and she called me one day and said: “Otis walked down the stairs!” He still uses the ramp. My friends at the dog park are amazed at his recovery and so glad to see him.

I don’t know if it was the laser treatments or the Antioxidant Treats but together Otis is my miracle dog! He has not had any more treatments but continues to take the Treats daily. He took his first plane ride in May and is now an emotional therapy dog.
I will continue the Antioxidant Treats because something IS working!

Charlotte Wahlstrom
Saline, MI

NOTE:  This story is a perfect example of a body working to solve it’s own problems over time – with the support of the special and highly beneficial NZYMES “live nutrition” as part of the daily diet.  And is also a good illustration of the fact that not all these cases involving severe mobility limitations can move along to tremendous improvement in short periods of time – like LILLY or BELLA. Depending on the internal issues or amount of damage or degradation, the Recovery time can be significantly longer with some dogs, much like CHESSEY.  The NZYMES® products are not responsible for any ‘direct fix’; they simply provide the body RESOURCES it desperately needs to ramp up its own restorative powers.

Products Used to Help This Bichon Walk Again

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