See How Angel Conquered Dog Allergies & Hot Spots


angel beats dog allergies

Hi, everybody. My name is Angel. I’m a 3 yr. old Havanese pup. I only weigh 7 pounds. A whole year ago I got itchy, started losing my pretty hair and got even more skinny than I already was! My vet thought I had allergies. I got lots and lots of baths that smelled like medicine and lots of pills for allergies. I got allergy tests and new foods. I got worse and worse. My hair kept falling out. My pretty, fluffy tail went bald! My skin was always red and sore. We were going crazy. Mom kept trying to help me!

Four months ago she found the Nzymes® web page. It explained why I wasn’t getting better. Allergies weren’t the problem! I was consumed with something called yeast (candida)! All those allergy treatments had just made it worse!

So, now I have yummy raw food. My mom says it costs a lot, but she says I’m worth it. She gives me sprouted granules (Nzymes® Granules) and some drops (Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops) every day.

I only have to have a bath once a week (whoope)! Every day she sprays me with some stuff (Topical 2% Solution) that helps my hot spots and itchy skin, too. I didn’t get better right away. I had lots more hot spots, my hair kept falling out and I still itched like crazy. Mom called someone there a few times when we were going crazy. They told her it would get worse before it got better. They were right!

But, three months later, my hair started growing back and my skin was not as flaky. My tail was still not fluffy but I didn’t itch as much. My new food is yummy. I even felt like playing again!! I didn’t look as pretty as I used to, but mom said I would look pretty again soon. I couldn’t wait!

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Now, it’s been 4 months. My hair has started growing back, all except my tail. Mom tells me it’s going to take a while before it’s fluffy and long like it used to be. I still have flakes, itch and get hot spots once in a while, but I feel pretty good! They said it takes time and I would go through what they call a roller coaster. I get better and then worse for a while. I’m glad my mom found Nzymes®. I love my new food and I don’t have to take all those allergy pills and have stinky baths every other day.

Mom and I are happy!!  Thanks!!!!

Ms. Ann H.
Issaquah, WA

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