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German Shepherd skin problems & ear disorders (Hardy)

German Shepherd skin problems & ear disorders are much more common than you might think! If you are searching for a solution to German Shepherd’s skin problems & ear disorders, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is what Tony Kasprzak of Reading, PA has to say about his dog Hardy.

Hardy is my 8-year-old German Shepherd. His previous owners had him on a low-quality grocery-store-brand dog food most of his life.


Before Nzymes (click to view)

hardy, after skin problems

Hardy, After NZYMES Program







shepherd skin problems, rearWhen he began having health problems (which had been diagnosed as ‘allergies’) with itchy skin problems, constantly recurring ear disorders, low energy, or hair loss, the vet would put him on antibiotics time and time again. The cycle kept repeating itself and after the medication was done, the same condition would return.

I did some research and came across NZYMES® and their solution for dogs like Hardy.

hardy_after2_lrgI decided to order the Nzymes Healthy-Skin Kit and to follow all instructions. At this point, I was willing to try anything other than another ‘repeat process’ with the vet. I also switched him to EaglePack holistic food from NZYMES® list of Pet Foods for Yeast Problems and began using their kit.

The pictures here speak for themselves. Just look at Hardy after 3 1/2 months on the NZYMES® program. Thank you for giving my dog his quality of life back. Just look in his eyes in the before and after pictures and you can see that!

Thank you again. I have just renewed my order to continue the program.

Tony Kasprzak
Reading, PA

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