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How to Promote Enhanced & Speedy Recoveries

Horse inljuries example

Considering what horses are oftentimes put through, or what is expected of them, it seems amazing that injury is not more common than it is. Yet, it certainly does occur, and when it does – you want and need to help your animal to a speedy recovery.

Horses, as any other living mammal, are subject to injury – such as broken bones, sprains, joint or Hock damage, severe bruising, concussion, trauma, wounds, bites, etc. Whatever the sort of damage – the BODY must be strong and functioning at its very best for a speedy recovery to be possible. At times, surgical or other procedure may be warranted, depending on the situation. Under all these conditions, where the body faces a huge recovery challenge, it becomes all that much more critical to be sure you are providing the body with ALL the critical resources that can help it function at its very best. This is the recipe for effective and expedient recovery – no matter the source of the injury or issue.

Remember the old statement, “You are what you eat”; much truth in those few words. If you do not nourish a body correctly, your own, or that of your horse, it would be unwise not to expect negative effects on the body’s abilities to deal with health issues of any form, especially injury requiring substantial recovery.

This is where the “live nutrition” RESOURCES provided by our NZYMES Sprouted Granules comes into the picture. This one simple but highly effective form of food supplement has proven successful with in 10’s of thousands of serious issues with horses over our 15 year history. We are therefore very confident you will see the “real results” we are used to seeing.

Products Recommended for Horse Injuries & Recovery Challenges

NZYMES Sprouted Granules

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