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Cat Hairball Problems? Don’t fret… with Nzymes® Antioxidants, your hairball problems can be history sooner than you might think!!

Hairballs are a very common problem in cats. Quite often and very easily cats shed their fur because their coats are so fine.  Then, because cats are constantly grooming themselves, they ingest a lot of hair that is then wrapped around the food in their digestive tract.

Since a cat’s nature is to stay as clean as possible, we can’t (and don’t want to) keep them from grooming themselves. So how do we handle the hairballs?

hairballs in cats

Reducing Feline Hairball Issues with Natural Digestive Support

Key Benefits of Nzymes Supplementation:

1. Nzymes® can help improve cat hairball problems first by improving the health of the cat’s hair follicles, which will result in reduced shedding. With less fur coming loose from the follicles, less is ingested via natural feline grooming habits.  By supporting improved production and management of certain enzymes, like SuperOxide Dismutase (and cousins), Nzymes® nutritional benefits can allow for healthier Lanolin content at hair follicles which then improves not only the health of the follicle but the hair itself.  A more lustrous coat with a healthier, buttery feel is the frequent result. On another note, if you suspect your cat is suffering from excessive shedding, please CLICK HERE.

2. Nzymes® can help improve digestive processes, including a complete digestion, which may allow ingested fur to actually be broken down and passed out the other end, rather than the annoying coughing-up of these fur-balls at random times.

Such a simple solution that works every time. Just read the testimonies!

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Products Needed for Digestive Support of Cat Hairball Reduction

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