Arabian Horse Survives Starvation, Weight Loss, Atrophy, and Lameness

As the owner of a horse rescue organization here in California, I see some horrible cases of muscle atrophy in horses. One such case was an Arabian horse by the name of Sampson, which we rescued. To avoid shocking those who may read this, let’s just say that Sampson’s care had been “less than desirable”. His poor care had resulting in swollen joints and many other issues.

Almost 350 Lbs. Underweight

Due to starvation, Samson was nearly 350 lbs. under weight. He was lame in the right rear and the leg had atrophied about 20 percent. He never attempted to put that foot down for any reason. For instance, he had multiple lesions, wounds and cuts. In addition, he showed signs of poor joint health with swollen joints and swelling through his entire body.

In all honesty, he was a horrible mess and we didn’t think he would make it. The thing that made us stay with it was that he had a marvelous spirit and you could see his desire to live.

A friend told us about Nzymes, so we called the company for consultation – 877.816.6500

Arabian horse Samson

Even though at that time they were not currently marketing their Super-Food Granules, they said they knew that they would help Sampson.  We were shipped 5 lbs. of the raw granules product to start giving to Samson daily.

To begin with, the first thing we noticed is that Sampson loved the taste of the Nzymes® Granules and would eat them right from the palm of our hand. In fact, he’d get quite excited the minute he knew it was time for his Nzymes®.

The Changes were Quick and Remarkable

After almost two weeks, we noticed that Sampson was filling-out, looking healthier. He had more energy and there was a sparkle back in his eyes. But, what amazed us was when we saw he was attempting to use his right rear leg again. He was slowly touching it down and adding more weight every day. At the end of one month, he was walking fully on the atrophied rear leg. He was even running and playing in the corral. Believe me, I know Nzymes® Granules works – I’ve seen it!

One Year Later

It’s been over a year now and Sampson still gets his Nzymes® Granules every day. You would never know this was the same horse that looked so poorly a year ago. He has become a wonderful addition to our stables and carries rider’s every day. In fact, he can’t wait to get out of the stall and go for a run. We just want any horse owner out there to recognize how important it is to give Nzymes® Granules to them every day. It truly does wonders that you can witness for yourself!

J. Rescue – CA

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