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Canine Hip Dysplasia Overview

An Nzymes Overview of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs  Affecting a fair percentage of dogs, hip dysplasia (sometimes referred to as 'loose hips') is a developmental malformation or subluxation of the hip joints, eventually resulting in Arthritic issues. Quite often, such...

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Australian Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia?

Hip Dysplasia and Herding-Breed Dogs Are you surprised to see your Aussie, Border Collie or similar breed starting to struggle with his hips? You’re not alone.  While the Australian Shepherd is generally a very healthy breed of dog, hip dysplasia is, unfortunately, a...

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Dog Hip Dysplasia: The Deeper Details

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs - What it Is & What it Looks Like Dog Hip Dysplasia is a condition which causes a malformed joint connection between the head of the femur (leg bone) and the pelvis of a dog. This results in irregular hip movement, which can be painful and...

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Lacy, A Shepherd Hip Dysplasia Story

German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia - a Happy Ending At the end of August, we noticed that our 7-year-old German Shepherd would cry out whenever she got up. All of a sudden her behavior changed. She did not walk up the stairs, she would not jump in the car, was she not as...

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