Boston Terrier Relieved of Limping & Canine Arthritis Struggles

Alice is my ten-year-old Boston Terrier.  She began limping and wouldn’t put any weight on her right front leg.  I took her to the vet, and he gave her pain med’s and a steroid alternative. After two weeks with no improvement, I took her back and they took an x-ray of her shoulder.

Alice with dad

Nothing showed up on the X-ray, so the vet said she probably was just experiencing “canine arthritis” and prescribed a steroid.

Another two weeks – no improvement.

She would have her good days yes but inevitably started limping again. I found Nzymes while searching for a supplement that might help her, and I’m very glad I did. She has been taking her Nzymes every day for a month, and the limping is gone! She began to be more mobile after a few weeks, but I wanted to wait a month before submitting a review to see if her progress continued.

She is doing great. I used to have to carry her up and down the deck steps when she needed to go out, but now, she doesn’t wait for me to pick her up. She just goes.

Alice says, Thanks Nzymes!

James Shirden – KY

Nzymes NOTE:  At least, in this case, an X-ray was taken – to check for ‘canine Arthritis’ damage – though nothing showed up. We also hear of many instances where the dog is brought to the vet for some degree of mobility pain, discomfort, or difficulty moving, where the dog is simply assessed visually, and a “diagnosis” is then delivered of canine arthritis. It is our position that in most of these cases, there likely is no real arthritis damage, but just basic joint-health degradation – which can be reversed via powerful nutritional assistance or changes. The Nzymes® provide nutritional resources the body needs, but not available in mainline foods.

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