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Dog Arthritis Support

Natural Help Options for Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs is a degenerative joint condition that involves pain and inflammation of one or more joints. Research shows that one in five dogs will develop arthritis, and many breeds develop it at a much younger age than others. Dog arthritis is one of the most common sources of joint pain that veterinarians treat every year. Vets normally prescribe some type of pain medication once they detect arthritis in a client’s dog. The biggest problem with many of the prescribed medications for dog arthritis, however, are the potential side effects that they can cause. Risks are generally to the liver or kidneys. If your dog is currently on a medication for arthritis, please do yourself a favor and look up the side effects before continuing for the long term.

Alternatives – Many cases of “arthritis in dogs” are really not much more that pain brought about by the natural degradation of joint health when the body is not functioning well, usually because of incomplete nutrition. Without natural support, the synovial fluid surrounding the joints can break down and lose its viscosity and hydraulic function allowing for more bone-to-bone contact, resulting in inflammation and pain. When something hurts, you want to leave it alone. So pets will often cease their activity to keep from aggravating the painful areas.  Painkillers don’t do anything to help restore Synovial function, they simply mask pain (and carry risks). Antioxidant Enzymes are Nature’s tools to help restore synovial fluid, cellular health, and control inflammatory responses. Since all pet foods are heated and processed, the living enzymes are destroyed. So “Live” Enzymes must be supplemented to enter your dog’s diet. That’s where Nzymes® comes in. Using Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules is a simple way to provide your pet with potent, dietary enzymes that can make a real difference – In their mobility, in their energy, and for your peace of mind! Worried about YOUR dogs declining joint health?  Read about CODY…

We are so completely confident that you will be pleased with the results you see, that we offer a 120-day guarantee on all of our products! But beyond that, we love that we have had the opportunity to play a positive role in creating happy, healthy pets all around the world! Try them once and see for yourself. Questions? Feel free to call our staff toll-free, 877-816-6500

Product Options Where Dog Arthritis is Indicated

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