Equine Growth & Development Issues

Stress and Health Challenges with Pregnant Horse


Health Problems for Pregnant Mares

Pregnancies can present numerous health concerns to both mares and foals. Though these are typical everyday issues, they are certainly not to be taken lightly. This process can impose significant recovery and stress issues that threaten the health and life of a pregnant horse.


Challenges for Pregnant Horses

  • Keep the mare’s health robust and full of energy for the best possible delivery and support for newborn foals.
  • Giving Birth: The delivery, stresses, and demands faced here are considerable and require the best health possible.
  • Exertion and endurance issues during delivery are matters of great importance and should be limited. 
  • Mare’s recovery: timing, nutrition, and effectiveness are essential matters.
  • Proper growth for the foal are also to be carefully considered, especially bone and ligament growth.
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Stress and a Pregnant Horse

Our philosophy is simple! When sound and nutritionally robust, a pregnant horse’s body can perform remarkably. We know that nutritional needs are critical to the physical stresses of carrying a foal.

However, a pregnant mare also needs powerful, healthy resources that deliver actual results to carry her through recovery and after pregnancy, during nursing. In other words, nutrition is just as important to the mare before the foal’s delivery as they are needed afterward for her recovery and later to support the foal’s growth.

Pregnant Horse Cleaning Foal

Nzymes® Live Superfood Support

You will see the changes in your horse when giving the live superfood protein in the Nzymes Sprouted Granules in the horse’s diet daily. Though there are other ways to provide living food sources, this method is easy to give and economical, even for large horses. To begin, start by simply adding a doubled amount of our Sprouted Granules, based on your horse’s weight, to the daily diet of the mare. Just add to the mare’s feed, or you can feed the granules by hand should you choose to do so. We expect you to quickly recognize the significant changes in a mare’s health, strength, and energy as the pregnancy moves forward. 

Next, we believe that the Nzymes Superfood Granules promotes easier birthingfaster recovery, and healthier balanced growth parameters for the foal. Furthermore, continued use of the superfood benefits both the mare’s body and foal with the health, growth, and development challenges. You can expect to see notable health and strength benefits by adding a small amount of this ‘live food’ superfood supplement to the Mare’s diet during pregnancy and later for the Foal now on regular food.

Superfood Support for Pregnant Mares and Newborn Foals