Precious’ Digestive Problems now Thing of the Past

So many heartwarming stories came in during our Christmas Photo Contest. We are thankful for each submission and hope you may take a moment to see them all. Precious’ story is bound to touch someone. Her personality had won the day, but tummy troubles soon followed. We’d like to thank Stephanie for sharing her story with us.

Precious Pup Now Feeling Better

PRECIOUS:  When I first noticed her, she was attracting everyone with her personality and cute behavior. She thought she was a big dog as the dog toy she carried in her mouth was larger or at least the same size as she was.

She caught my attention, and I spent the whole day with her. Once I picked her up she claimed me as her human and fell asleep in my arms. That was it. The store was closing and all I knew was that she had to go home with me.

After the first week at home, it was clear she was a sick puppy. We kept a close eye on her and eventually had to take her to the vet who told us she had food allergies and the food was sitting in her tummy. She wasn’t digesting, and this probably what was causing her to vomit. She was dehydrated as a result and wound up with a bad upper respiratory infection. He sent us home with antibiotics and suggested we start feeding her food she could easily digest.

For years I had to change up her diet and keep trying new things until I found a combination that worked well enough. However, it really wasn’t until I found Nzymes Treats and added them to her diet that her health improved dramatically. I don’t worry about her health at all now that I have this wonderful product who I feel saved her life!

These little Nzymes tablets added to her food daily gives her the nutrients her little body needs.

She just turned 8 years old and has been taking Nzymes for over 3 years now I think? I honestly feel this product has added years to her life and helped her in more ways than I can say…
I’m truly so grateful for this company and their product creation!

Thank you !

Stephanie G
Danville, CA

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