Colter Finishes 3rd in Summer Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Colter on his 3rd Place finish… our Summer Photo Contest! Like so many dogs these days, this majestic Shiloh Shepherd found himself struggling with “allergies”. As usual, the standard approaches left much to be desired. His pet-parents found Nzymes online, and though he has only been on the Program for a short while, he is already less itchy and making wonderful progress! Please see his story below.


Colter began having some “allergy” issues starting a couple of years ago. He became itchy, he licked the bottom of his paws raw, and his coat became dull and full of dander. The vet prescribed human allergy medication. I also had him allergy tested and started expensive desensitization drops with him. He was on those drops, as well as the allergy medication, for six months, but I saw little improvement.

Three months ago, I came upon the Nzymes website through one of their videos. I ordered and started Colter on the Healthy Skin Kit. Within a month, his coat was back to a healthy shine and the dander had disappeared completely. His itching and licking have gradually been improving, though he had a little setback when our warm Minnesota summer started. He is doing well on the program and I predict that his itching and licking will disappear completely as he continues the program.

One last note… after two months on the Healthy Skin Kit, I noticed that Colter’s shedding had decreased significantly. As a plush coated Shiloh Shepherd, I was used to a lot of hair around. No more. He hardly sheds at all! Amazing!

Peggy Bennett

Minnesota, USA


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