The Three Most Common Pneumonia Conditions in Horses

This article talks about Pneumonia Conditions in Horses. Pneumonia has various forms, but as an inflammatory illness of the lung in horses, it can be life threatening. To begin, it affects the ability of the body to absorb oxygen from air taken in while breathing. For instance, with pneumonia, the ‘sacs’ that are responsible for collecting the oxygen in the lungs become filled with fluid. Once saturated, this inhibits the ability of the horse to collect enough oxygen to support his/her body. If the body is deprived of oxygen for long enough, then the inevitable result would be death.


Symptoms of Pneumonia

Difficulty Breathing – Sneezing
Wheezing – Coughing
Sputtering – Weight Loss
Green Tinted Discharge from Nose

Pneumonia in Horses - What to Do

3 Common Types of Pneumonia

Although these symptoms can be difficult, sometimes painful or recurring for horses, Pneumonia Conditions in Horses is not contagious from one horse to another. This condition can affect horses of any age, although it cab be more prevalent among foals and geriatric horses.

Viral Pneumonia

This is the most common type of respiratory pneumonia in horses. Viruses can contribute to the development of pneumonia by causing the respiratory system to become vulnerable.

Bacterial Pneumonia

When bacteria though dust is inhaled from feed, bedding, stables or working surfaces and are carried into compromised airways, this is what is referred to as Bacterial Pneumonia.

Fungal Pneumonia

Fungal issues usually occurs when the horse’s respiratory system is weakened and the horse inhales fungal spores from moldy, poor quality hay or other sources.

Diagnosing Pneumonia Conditions in Horses

Diagnosis may often involve X-rays, Sonograms and maybe inspection of mucus or phlegm expelled from lungs and air passages.
See this Clinical Veterinarian reference site for more information:

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