Antioxidant Enzymes Play Key Role in Liver Support

Scooter’s Story Came to us last December during our Christmas Photo Contest. We were amazed at how many people sent more than just cute photos, but also took the time to share their experiences with us. Even though each of the entries was listed, we felt it was important to highlight some that stood out in a unique way.

We are often contacted regarding liver support. The liver is tasked with filtering toxic impurities from the blood. Sometimes, it can become overwhelmed in the process and can use some help. Our Antioxidant Treats or Granules provide nutrition to develop key enzymes. These enzymes are natural detoxifiers, and assist the liver, kidneys and other organs.                         

Liver Numbers Better Now, Yeast Under Control

Scooter is a survivor of Liver Disease and Yeast Allergy issues, 100% thanks to Nzymes. It has literally saved her life, made her more comfortable and given us additional years of love with her.

We almost lost her to Liver Disease, she had gone from 12 pounds down to 8 and her blood work was off the charts abnormal. She then began having black skin and “allergy” issues to the point where her fur was oily, losing her hair, and lethargic. After much testing, multiple veterinarian visits, and meds, I found Nzymes.

Our vet at the time was skeptical and wanted to keep treating her. We stopped the meds and injections and never looked back. After a month, we noticed a difference. Her coat came back, the oiliness stopped, the smell was gone, she was going for walks and took interest in life again. Her black skin, now only light gray in spots. She is back to 12 pounds in weight. And after six months on Nzymes, her blood work had improved – a lot! After one year, her lab tests are all in the normal range. I have nothing to attribute it to other than Nzymes.

We are blessed beyond belief and grateful for the Nzymes products. At 17, Scooter sleeps a lot, goes for walks, gets “jiggy” and excited to play. Other than a lot of naps, she doesn’t act 17. I am thankful for the additional years I have been given with Scooter.

Pam P
Aiken, SC


Products Used in Scooter’s Story

Nzymes Healthy Skin Kit Large