Christmas Stories and Pics 2019

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our in our simple, Christmas Photo Raffle. We are receiving so many really great photos, and stories too, that we put this page up just to showcase them all. There is still time to get your pics submitted too! Click HERE for details.The Prize, drawn at random, is a Sleigh full of goodies!

We hope you’ll enjoy the wide variety of submissions featured here, and this awesome Video too!



Jubilee – came home to be with me last year on 11/28. She is 7 now and has had 3 litters of puppies all beautiful I am sure. I got her spayed and put her on the NZYME program that my Honeybone was on for years. Jubilee had very dry skin and that is all gone. She has a healthy coat and is just enjoying being my girl. Thankfully she does not like to chew on stuffed animals.
I lost my beloved husband Mike who discovered your products for Honeybone. Honey went home to be with Mike 8 months later. I traveled. Arkansas to visit a corgi friend and Israel! Once I got home… I was so lonely and sad. Along comes this girl. The rest is well wonderful. We are learning more about each other every day and loving each other more every day. By the by, this is the dog that I called last year that ate the WHOLE bottle of Nzymes when I was not home. It was in a box ready to ship to my corgi friend in Arkansas! ALL 60. She really loves her NZ’s as we call them.
Lisa K.
Neptune, NJ


Sampson & Makaia – Samson our Jack Russell has suffered a back injury and was hardly able to walk. I did much research for a natural way to help him get better vs surgery or pain meds etc…
Found Nzymes 😍. After two weeks of double doses of Nzymes and quiet time to heal he was walking with no pain again!! That was over 3 years ago …he has been on Nzymes ever since . He and his sister Makaia don’t miss a day of their amazing healthy treat. Incredible company and amazing products that produce incredible results. I would never be without them for the health and well being of my dogs .This is a must have !!

Carmen C.
Gilford, NH



<<<<<<<Kiah – is the best friend that a person could ever have with unconditional love.
Archie C.
Tiffon, OH

Le-Le is looking and feeling so much better since starting the Nzymes program! She only started a few months ago and the difference is absolutely amazing. I think it’s only going to get better, so I just reordered in a larger size kit! Thank you, Nzymes and Merry Christmas!
Holly M.
Greenville, SC


Bailey – This is our beautiful Bailey girl. We rescued Bailey on September 30, 2007. She had been shot, and had undergone surgery. I was doing foster care for our local SPCA, and they called me and said that I should come and meet this girl. She was so scared, so thin, she crawled to me on her belly, and started licking my face. She picked me! Bailey was our rescue, but I always said, Bailey rescued me! She was always such a healthy girl, but she began having issues this past summer, with a yeast overgrowth. I started using Nzymes and it really helped her. Unfortunately Bailey became ill with a mass on her spleen that began bleeding into her belly. There were no warning signs, they call this the silent killer, and it certainly is 🙁 We began noticing that something was seriously wrong with Bailey around the first week of November. We had her looked at and x rayed, and blood work, but sadly we had to say goodbye to Bailey on November 11, 2019. On November 10th she was diagnosed and declined rapidly over those 2 days We had her last day here at home, all the family came to say goodbye, and we said goodbye at 6:30 that evening, in our living room, where she peacefully left us for her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are broken and we miss her so much. Our house is so empty and quiet. This Christmas is certainly not going to be the same without her. She loved Christmas, she was so good at opening her presents, and she loved her stocking. Bailey and I would always do little photo shoots, and even though she didn’t really love doing it, she would always cooperate with me, and I loved that. It was special time that we spent together. There were many of those times over the 12 plus years that we were blessed to have Bailey in our lives. I hope that I’m able to enter these photos of Bailey, that I took last Christmas, which we didn’t know at the time, would be our last Christmas with her. I miss her so much, and I would love for these photos to be displayed for everyone to see, and enjoy. They really portray our beautiful girl. Thank you for this opportunity, it helps me to look at photos of Bailey, to share those photos, and her story. She was an amazing girl!! She will be missed forever.
Penny S.
Abbotsford, BC Canada


Myron & Zinnia – Myron has had very bad yeast issues for quite some time. He did well on Apoquel and Ketoconazole. He had a cancerous mass removed from his back and the Oncologist suggested we take him off of Apoquel. I started him on Nyzmes almost 5 weeks ago. I have seen any results yet, but I am being hopeful and patient. I just want him to get well. I love this guy very much! The 2nd picture is with his cousin Zinnia who since had glaucoma and had to have her eyes removed.
Marilyn S.
Vienna, NJ


Bailey – has come a long way he had hurt his back leg flew off the couch two years ago.
Took him to the vet where she said it would cost me 6000 to fix him or a lot of work by me with exercising his leg so I choose the exercises as I dont have 6000 dollars. Not that I don’t love my boy, but I couldn’t afford that. So I was lòoking on google one day, and I found your Nzymes for animals and all the dogs it helped. So I said what could it hurt? It is going on three years now. He is walking better, play,s and goes for walks. It will probably never be the same again, but it is better than it was, happy and he is still on your Nzymes I found a store in Kingston, Ontario that orders it for me. Anyway that’s my story about my little man. I hope I have him for a long time through exercise, feeding him right, your Nzymes and the blessing of God.Thanks for reading our story bye for now Penny and Bailey.
Penny C.
Napanee, ON Canada


Gracie – Hi! My name is Carly and I have a 1 and a half year old Rottweiler, Gracie. She is the best dog in the world. When she was about 4 months, her back leg started limping. Then 2 months later, she started dragging her front paws when she walked. I took her to the neurologist and they thought initially maybe Wobbler’s. Now they think it’s a cyst on her spine. 🙁
The surgery is too much money, so she’s on medication and I buy her the Nzymes Supplement treats! She loves them and gives her more mobility and energy! I want to give her the best life possible. I was told the cyst could eventually pop and she wouldn’t be able to walk. 🙁 I have really seen a difference since giving her these supplements though! Winning this contest would be amazing right before Christmas.
Carly H.
Dravosburg, PA


Chloe – My Chloe is the funniest dog I have ever met! The vocabulary that she understands is quite amazing. When you speak to her, she always tilts her head to one side, as if to say “yes, I am listening intently to everything you are saying”!!
My Christmas story with Chloe has to do with gifts. I cannot put any gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve, because she will open all of them! The first year I had her, I did a test and wrapped a few empty boxes and put them under the tree. When I returned home from work, there was gift wrap all over the house and not one present left under the tree! On Christmas Day, if someone is opening a gift, she automatically thinks it is for her and she rushes over to “help” open the gift – it is quite the entertainment for Christmas Day!

Chloe was my rescue dog when she was 5 months old and she has enriched my life so much over the past 6 years – I would truly be lost without her!
Judith T.
Stouffville, ON Canada


Syrah & Cuvée – While your products are not in the photo , they are inside their bodies , as shown by their coat , sheen and healthy appearance.

They are Syrah ( 9 ) female and Cuvée (7) male and have recipients of your products for over 6 years.

They are my comfort and joy in this crazy world.

This is their holiday photo.

Merry Christmas!

Lydia U.
Salinas, CA


Ceili, Guthrie, Dasher & Shooter – The group shot is all 4 of my dogs : starting at 12 o’clock Guthrie 3, Ceili 11, Dasher 6, Shooter 4

Ceili has had health issues for years so I put her on NZymes antioxidant treats years ago and… as I accumulated dogs…I put them all on the treats. They are wonderful for keeping the dogs regular and I found their feet were less pink when they were getting a daily treat! We love NZymes!

Breda M.
Fall River, MA


<<<<<Princess Poppy Grace  – is 21 weeks old who’s future therapy for Veterans. She loves to give kisses and cuddles.
Dena D.
Brighton, MI

Kaysee, Chicky, Winona>>>>>>

We were experiencing yeasty armpits and red irritated skin on their bellies. After using the granulated sprouts, the skin issues cleared up and my girls were much happier hounds.
Gail R.
Fort Worth, TX


<<<<<<<<<<Casey – is able to play like a kid again,since back on chews. 🙂
Brenda M
Kechi, KS

Stella, Huey & Winnie>>>>>>>>
All our babies are rescues. Stella is a spunky 12 year old bulldog and she loves to play with Winnie. Winnie is a 5 year old Boston Terrier who recently started having seizures. That’s why we decided to try Nzymes. Our man of the house is Huey a 11 year old rescue who prefers to relax on the couch. They all get Nzymes Granules in their food hoping it helps overall health and curtails seizures (along with our other treatments).
Jennifer G.
Berkeley, IL


Camden, Ruby, Willow, Lady Grace, Atticus

Love your products!
Jane D.
Phoenix AZ


<<<<<<<<<<<<<Charger – is a sweet and playful English gal who loves her treats dearly. Unfortunately, she’s very allergic to many things and all the itching and scratching use to make her quite tired. Charger has been using Bac-Pak to help her body from the inside out. She’s full of love and the Christmas spirit and wants to thank Nzymes for helping her. She’s looking forward to sharing some cookies with Santa….if he’s good.
Laura T.
Oceanside, CA

Think he is the cutest doggie EVER and deserves to be in ads across companies and country!
Amy D.
Brantford, ON Canada


<<<<<<<<<<<Kitty Cat & Roger>>>>>>>>>>>>

Being on a raw diet sometimes lacks certain nutrients, Nzymes is the perfect supplement.

Denise T.
Erie, PA


Bailey – is on your Sprouted Granules and Bac-Pak Powder so that he doesn’t get any issues.
Our other dog, Libby, a Bernese Mountain Dog did have skin and digestive issues and that’s when we found you, so when we had to put her down in 2017 (she was almost 13 yrs old).
We got Bailey and he was 11 mos old at that time. Within the first year he started shaking his head and I told my husband we weren’t going down the same road with him as we did with Libby with the constant ear infections so I immediately put him on your products and changed his food from dry kibble to a raw diet and he is great so hoping he never develops anything that can’t be taken care of by your products.

I also take your probiotic daily.
Debbie W.
Mount Laurel, NJ


Baloo – We noticed our big guy frequently getting hot spots… Nothing we used was working until I purchased the Nzymes Ox E Topical spray. Anytime he has a flare up, I just spray the area and it’s better within a few short days!

Danelle C
New Columbia, PA


These are my babies. Momma is Lillie and her daughters are Nikko and Abbie.

We have had Lillie for 11 yrs. and her babies for 9 yrs.
We live with them 24/7, we go no where without them. If they can’t go, we do not go.
Lillie has run 14 times and my husband and I have followed her every time. I do believe she thinks it is a game. Since she is loosing her vision, she will sit and look. They are hunters, so this is why they run. Only Nikko just wants to stay home always.
At home Lillie will follow me from room to room, no mater what.
I can not think of what life would be without them.

Patricia K
Winchester, TN



We still use the Healthy Skin Kit with the Granules all the time. It helps to keep Beau having the least amount of skin problems even when we have a flare up! We also changed his food and treats.

The Ox E Drops and Spray are amazing also!

Gena L.
Santa Maria, CA



Our sweet Betty has always has horrible allergies. After many trips to the vet and changes in food, we finally found some relief for our girl! Nzymes has made her coat silky smooth again, with far less shedding. Her nose no longer drips constantly whenever she goes outside, and the itchy paw and nail issue she has had for so long has finally ceased!

Thank goodness for such a quality product!!!

Cheryl G.
Franklinton, NC


Hunter & Riley – We have two dogs, Hunter (11) and Riley (9). Hunter was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, allergies, quite young (1 1/2 years) and Riley as well at a year of age. Hunter would chew at his sides and scratch until his skin was raw. Hunter also had numerous staph infections and ear infections. I cannot begin to explain how heartbreaking it is to only have steroids as an option because this was before some of the allergy medications now available. I was convinced Hunter’s issues had an underlying yeast component. I researched holistic options. Thankfully, I found Nzymes. We placed Hunter on the skin kit around 3 years of age. It took awhile to clear, but after 6 months on your products he played like a puppy again. He had been sedate, grouchy and overall not a happy dog. The products cleared up his yeast and gave us back our happy dog. Our allergy specialist did not believe Hunter had an internal yeast issue, but she did recant this when she saw the results of your products. Both dogs have been on your products for over 8 years (Ox-E, Antioxidant Treats, Bac-Pak Plus) and we will always be a customer. Hunter also reacted to almost every ear cleaning product recommended by vets, but he has never reacted to Ox-E. Hunter has not had an ear infection or another skin infection since using Ox-E. In fact, we use Ox-E to clean cuts, spray their paws, and even clean the outside of their nose. We use the Ox-E externally and internally. I was so impressed with this product that I use it as well. Even though they do still have flare ups due to allergies, they are happy and very healthy dogs. I know your products have definitely contributed to their great health through the years. I plug your company on any wire fox terrier groups that seek help with yeasty paws or allergies because I stand behind these products. Recently we started using your pH balanced Shampoo. We have tried almost all the dog shampoos on the market through the years (prescription and non prescription) for itchy skin. Your shampoo is by far the best we have tried. The shampoo does not dry out their skin and it calms any redness. Thank you for being a company that really cares about our pets.
Nicole A
Arvada, CO


Penny – is a sweet rescue, but she wasn’t always that way! We were handed her little 9 lb self one week after I lost my sweet Wally, another Doxie rescue. She needed a home and we were there, at that moment and of course fell in love. Penny was very food aggressive and quite scared of falling, but she is so much better, now.
About a year ago she began to seem to go into a seizure and was unable to use her back legs. This corrected itself after we carried her up and down the 2 steps needed to go to the back yard, and guarded her moves. She seemed to get much better.
A few months later the symptoms were back. And this time I was reading about IVDD and looking at wheelchairs for her. While on Instagram an ad for Nzymes and it seemed like just the thing we needed.
Today, she has been taking them for 9 months now and I had to chase her down the street yesterday! This is amazing! I have even bought the probiotics and antioxidants for us!
Nzymes are an amazing product that restores health and heals the whole family!
Susan F.
Kerrville, TX


<<<<<<<CasieNzymes helped Casie recover from a back injury. The Ox-E-Drops also cured a growth on our other dog.
Melissa J
Oak Lake, MB Canada

Sterling & Gatlin>>>>>>>>>>

Sterling and her brother Gatlin have been on Nzymes most of their lives. We love these products and believe they have helped in keeping our fur babies healthy and itch free! Thank you Nzymes!
Lisa R.
Sherwood, AR


Archer – My Airedale Terrier Archer, had a reaction to his vaccinations. Following the shots, he ran a low-grade fever (vaccine reaction), threw up his breakfast and had a case of the runs. He just wasn’t her bouncy self.
Because it is widely known that vaccinations can take their toll on dogs, I had doubled his usage of Nzymes® Sprouted Granules a week in advance as suggested in preparation. Thank goodness that I did so, because this time he did have a reaction.
It makes a big difference and he is the picture of health.
Nataliya D
Agoura Hills, CA


<<<<<<<Lola – had ear infections. I use Nzymes Treats every day and her ears are very clean. I only need to clean them once a week. I love Nzymes!
Rita G
Hamstead, NC

Lady & Sandy>>>>>>>>>

My Lady started to have seizures after vaccinations. I Went to the vet and vet said that unless she was having frequent seizures like daily she did not need meds
I researched online and found and Nzymes
She’s been in them for a year and has only had one seizure. I think it was my fault as I did not reorder Nzymes fast enough.
Mireya K
Davie, FL



Emi – was scratching and her tummy was pink with dark spots. This went on for a number of years. Although not severe it was a discomfort for her. After starting her on Nzymes her skin got better and she stopped scratching! Now she is happy and celebrated her 15th birthday this year.
Thank you
Cheryl P
Honolulu, HI

Bella – had frequent ear infections, she scratched all the time, her tummy had black spots and her fur was falling out. After starting her on Nzymes all of her symptoms went away. Her ears are clean and the infections have not come back. Her tummy is clear and smooth and her fur has grown back. Thank you for making her happy!
Cheryl P.
Honolulu, HI


Miss Bailey & Master Oakley
Miss Bailey is the love of my life!!! She is a 7 year old Golden Retriever full of life and an abundance of love. She shares her home with Master Oakley. She enjoys playing chuck it, anything to do with a ball. She enjoys attending Obedience & Rally trials and has received her CD RM3 RAE3 CGC titles. We are currently just two trials away from receiving her RACH in Rally which is her Rally Master championship. Most of all she loves being with me.
Lisa P
Kokomo, IN


Cache – always had terrible GI and skin issues. The Nzymes anti-oxidants have helped settle his gut which in turn helped his skin. He periodically takes the Granules for his hip OA. At 13 he is still going for hour hikes and jumping into the truck.

Corinne R
St Thomas, ON Canada


Sinda – I rescued Sinda from Maricopa county pound. She is a great dog as you can see. She has some allergies to chicken, rye grass, and some tree pollen. I gave this product to my last dog Sierra that had formed some hip issues as she got older. I feed them a RAW food diet. That worked great for both. But they still needed a little extra to help digest. That was when also found out Sinda couldn’t eat chicken. So I started using the Treats and a beef RAW diet and she has been great.
Ronald A
Chandler, AZ


Sasquatch & Cadbury – Before starting Nzymes my two puppies had a upset tummy’s with related gas after using enzymes for a little bit tummy problems are all gone and no more puppy toots.
Crystal K.
Marysville, WA


My girl was having a lot of hot spots before starting Nzymes
Nancy H.
Truro, NS Canada


Myron has been on Nzymes for almost 6 weeks. He has a very bad yeast issue. I’m I’m finally starting to see results. Fred his nephew is in some of the pictures as well as his his blind cousin Zinnia.
Marilyn S.
Vienna, NJ


<<<<<<<<<Reagan & Maggie
Our previous lab had a lot of skin issues, and I so wish we had found your products to make him more confortable and heal his issues. Makes me sad when I realize I could have helped him more. RIP Murphy 🙁 Our current labs don’t really have any issues besides a sensitive stomach (Reagan), but they LOVE the Granules that I sprinkle on their food!
Melanie M
Charlotte, NC

Tobie is my faithful companion . He is by my side always. Loves to ride and was a walker until arthritis started giving him problems. He love eating snow and romping in it. I know he would love to win your gift basket!
Margaret G
Corning, NY


Sophie – I’ve got multiple dogs that have had multiple issues. Skin issues in a senior German Shepherd that were very serious, an eye issue in a chihuahua that almost lost her eye from an infection, and digestive issues in another dog, and all were helped by NZymes! It’s a miracle! My Chihuahua with the skin issues had had 11 surgeries and her skin healed up with the use of the Nzymes! The Chihuahua with the eye abscess almost lost her eye, and her I healed up and was saved with the use of the Nzymes and the dog with the digestive issues was healed with the use of the Nzymes! I’m on absolute lover and complete fan of Nzymes and have started using the human Product for my husband who has chronic migraines. We cannot thank you enough for all the help and health benefits we have had with your products. Thank you so much!
Leslie C.
St Clair, MO


We got Brindy from a breeder. The breeder has had hundreds of English labs. She always puts them on Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus And they stay healthy and never get air infections. That’s is what we have done with Brindy!! She is doing great!!

Caasi is a 14 years old English Chocolate lab. She has always had ear infections. She was always on ear drops prescribed by the vet. We recently got a puppy. The breeder has had hundreds of labs. From one month of age she has always put them on Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus and has had healthy labs with no problems. So we bought the powder for Caasi and she hasn’t had an ear infection in 6 months!! We are so happy!!

Anjanette V.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Gracie – has had hip and Incontinence issues as well as skin and has been on rimadyl and proin. She’s been on the N’zymes program for about 2 1/2 months. Her skin is slowly getting better, but the more amazing part is that we stopped both the proin AND the rimadyl about three weeks ago. She is no longer having any issues with incontinence, and she’s jumping up on the furniture with zero issues and running all over the back yard like she did when she was younger. We believe N’zymes is responsible for this. Her skin is coming along nicely. She now is getting regular baths with N’zymes shampoo to speed up the process. She’s a happier girl now and for that we are so thankful.

Michele L
North Syracuse, NY


<<<<<<<<<Tyson – is having yeast issues. Just started using Nzymes, looking forward to having him feel better. He has really bad ear infections that never really clear up. Also constantly scratching.
Danielle T
Coronado, CA

My Corgi has DM ( Degenerative Myelopathy) I have purchased the Nzymes Granules many times to help slow down the progression of this terrible disease…it seems to be helping… Thank-you
Linda M
Douglas, MA



Mary R.
Chehalis, WA


Skittles – was having problems getting up after laying down and limping while walking. Walking was getting difficult for her. Now she looks forward to walks, I take her twice a day. I enjoy having my walking buddy with me again.
Jane G
Swansea, MA



Cindi G
Sebring, FL


Kai – I first discovered Nzymes when my dog had papilloma which worked it’s magic within two and a half weeks instead of months as per the vet.
Due to long standing itching Stan recommended the healthy skin protocol and Kai is on month 3, it’s working and I’m in the it’s worse before it gets better phase but his itching is almost non-existent now a day. Can’t wait for what happens over the next 7 months.
Thank you for helping Kai heal himself.
Jennifer G.
Hamilton, ON Canada