Respiratory Issues: Sphinx Cat Snot Blowing

We took Yoko in a few months back. She was a breeder-show cat that was being retired. The breeder had let us know that she had a “snot blowing  problem“, When she sneezed the snot shot across the room and stuck to anything or anyone around, and it was a constant issue.

Our Vet Started Her on Clavamox

On the Vet’s advice, she came home with a round of Clavamox. However, when the Antibiotics ended, the problem did not change at all. So back to the vet we went and we did a second round of Clavamox, and then followed by a third round at a higher dosage. But still there was no change and cat continued to sneeze snot all over.

Yoko the Sphinx Cat with Sinus issues

Next We Tried Baytril

She was put on a double dose of Baytril but her problem just kept getting worse. She also had increasingly loose and frequent stools which I believe was a result of all the antibiotic medications.

At a loss for what to do, we simply decided that the boogers everywhere and the cat blowing snot was something we’d have to live with. The vet said it was a chronic issue due to a deficient immune system and other genetic abnormalities common with this breed.

A Friend Introduced Us to Nzymes

I spoke to a friend about the issues I was having with Yoko, and she suggested we try using Nzymes®. She believed the products had cleared up a chronic skin and hair loss problem with one of her dogs, and a chronic ear problem with another dog. So I ordered the Nzymes® Large 3-Pak, which included the Nzymes® Granules, BacPak Plus, and Ox-E-Drops. 

We started Yoko on the 3-Pak Kit as soon as it arrived. We did a double-up of all three products for two weeks. On the third week we moved back to the regular daily usage shown on the bottles. She took these easily mixed into a small packet of wet cat food each morning.  This has become routine to give her, in each “morning Nzymes meal“.

We Were So Surprised

Much to my husband’s VERY skeptical amazement, after three weeks, Yoko had not “blown snot” or sneezed for over over a week. Now, her stools are almost solid. Also her eyes are clear of the “goop” they previously had caked on them each morning.

We could not be happier! My husband says, “this is the best thing that could have happened to our household”. He was at his wits end the need to scrub snot off the walls. We were tired of changing clothes and bedding twice a day because they were hit with yellow or green boogers.

It is so nice to have a healthy kitty and clean white walls again! Our plan is to continue to keep Yoko on the Nzymes® products. Given the success, we will also be continuing it as a daily supplement with all of our other dogs and cats too!

Thank you so much, this product line has made a HUGE difference in our home, we could not be more grateful.
S. Kerr – Maricopa, Az.

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