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Heartworm Disease, Overview & Help

A Short Primmer on Heartworm Disease Canine Heartworm disease, otherwise known by its medical name - Dirofilaria immitis - is basically a worm/parasite infestation issue that is most often transmitted from dog to dog by a mosquito. Those 'blood-sucking' mosquitoes are...

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Dog Ear Infections

Dog Ear Infections, Types/Treatments Most dogs will suffer from an itchy, awful ear infection at least once in their lifetime. As good caretakers of our pets it's our responsibility to be informed and to know what to look for in order to head off these painful and...

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Hepatitis in Dogs

How NZYMES can Support or Aid with Hepatitis Challenges Hepatitis in dogs:  This is a disorder that involves inflammation of the liver, and is common to many animals, as well as humans. Hepatitis in dogs is caused by the virus CAV-1 which is not one that is infectious...

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Eye Infections in Dogs

Eye Infection Assessment or Help NOTE: Before continuing with the information of this page, it is important to consider that the majority of eye infection issues with dogs may be just a symptom of a much greater problem. If you see other symptoms  such as - itching,...

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Viral Infections in Dogs

What Can be Done - to Help Your Dog with Viral Challenges Viral infection is the fundamental cause of many ailments or illnesses, such as flu or colds, or more serious issues (in humans) like the example Herpes virus seen to the right. And, getting help to a body...

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Food Poisoning in Dogs

  Help Options: Should your Dog Suffer a Food Poisoning Event Food poisoning in dogs is likely much rarer than situations in which people may be affected by food poisoning issues. Think about it; our dogs are normally confined to eating pretty much what we give them...

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