Issues with Max: ‘Dog Allergies’ OR, Yeast & Blackened Skin?

Was it Really About Dog Allergies, or Actually Yeast Overgrowth Issues?

As revealed by Max…

My symptoms started about 4 years ago…

I would constantly rub my face on the floor and chew on my feet…

I felt like I was going crazy…

Max in his socks

As you can see in the pictures mom put socks on my feet and a special collar so I would not chew and scratch. My parents would try to get help for me by taking me to the vet. The vet said had allergies so they would put me on antibiotics, give me steroid shots and they also changed my food to a prescription diet.

Max - wet head

Well, all that didn’t really help, but for a day or two. I started getting black rings and red splotches on my skin, oily hair that had a bad odor and smell. Plus I ‘d begun losing all my undercoat. I really looked bad. This kept going on and It seemed like I kept going back to the vet again and again. They would again give me steroid shots and more antibiotics, but I just kept getting worse.

Max - dry head
Max wet head-2

My parents were at a loss as what to do, the vet referred me to a special veterinary dermatologist and I thought, at last, I’ll get some help. I was given more antibiotics, they changed my diet again, and did a skin test that made me look like a walking pegboard. Mom had to give me allergy shots every day. But, I got even worse and I felt so bad. My parents were so worried about me and trying everything they could.

Max dry-head 2

Dad and Mom decided maybe a professional dog groomer could help my itchy skin. Well, my dog groomer told my mom about some products called Nzymes®. She told mom to call them and talk about me, and I am sure glad she did. They were so helpful. So in July, my life changed. I started on their Nzymes® Healthy-Skin Program, which I must say, I love the Antioxidant Treats and the recommended holistic dog food.

Together they were fighting the overgrowth in my body. Mom gave me a special medicated bath two times a week that really made me feel less itchy. She sprayed the Nzymes 2% Ox-E Topical Solution on all my problem areas. She took me to the dog groomer every 4 weeks and she watched my skin issues and took pictures of everything.

Head up -01

Before long I was acting like a puppy again and my skin was changing every day. Finally no more itchiness or smell. And best of all, I have all my hair and I must say I am very handsome. I am so thankful for my parents, groomer and the Nzymes® products!

I will be 9 years old on April 12th and I will take my Nzymes® every day so I will live a healthy and happy life.

Thanks Nzymes

Head up 02

Letter from Becky…

Hi Everyone, this is Becky Myers – “Max’s “Mom”!

Max went through a lot. Some days I felt like he would not be around much longer and his life was miserable. Even the dog groomer told me later that she kept expecting a phone call that Max did not make it because he looked so bad. We spent a lot of money on prescription vet foods and a lot of time and money going to different veterinarians trying antibiotics, allergy testing, allergy shots, steroids and it just was not helping him. I later learned it was hurting him because it was just treating the symptoms and prolonging his misery.


Max - after 01

Nzymes® Healthy-Skin Kit along with the recommended foods began to reverse what was causing the problems. Following the program and having patience is the key. Calling the staff with questions or concerns when needed is important. You can see with all treatments and symptoms Max developed, it took an entire year to work through the full recovery.

The cost of Nzymes® was a small price to pay to have our beautiful boy back looking like a show dog. His outside appearance is a reflection of how healthy he is on the inside. His happy Golden Retriever attitude is showing me he feels good. I would like to say thank you to the Nzymes.COM website and the staff that continues to educate me on my dog’s health so I can make informed decisions about his well-being.

Butch and Becky Myers – IN

Products Used to Support Max’s Recovery