Romeo’s Mom Shares Experience with New Nzymes Shampoo


A Note From Nzymes:

We’d like to thank Deb Robinson of Ft Meyers, FL for sharing her experiences with Romeo, her Standard Poodle, and our new Healthy Skin Shampoo.

For many years, we have been recommending quality shampoos to go along with our Healthy Skin Program. We know that along with the nutritional regimen, regular bathing is absolutely essential to help advance the healing process on the surface. We had never had a shampoo of our own until now. After all, we are a nutrition company, not a soap company – LOL. But if we ever DID have a shampoo, it would have to deliver Real Results.

In the summer of 2018, one of our formulators told us of shampoo he had been working on that was giving amazing results for itch, skin conditioning, coat, and even controlled fleas, ticks, and lice. It was natural, plant-based & enzymatic. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to send samples out to people struggling with these really tough skin issues. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Deb’s was one of these sample cases. Here are her remarks…



Romeo’s Story

Our story started around Christmas 2018. I noticed a couple of bumps on Romeo’s back and knew something was going on but wasn’t quite sure what it could be. I also knew from experience the Veterinarians we’d been to in the past weren’t capable of helping us.

In a panic, I got on the Nzymes website and ordered a Healthy Skin Kit. I received the kit and before we could even get started, Romeo’s back was out of control. He had open, oozing, bleeding sores that literally smelled like rotting skin. I immediately started spraying Ox-E Topical Spray Solution on the open sores and started The Healthy Skin Kit.

We noticed that we were sent a complimentary sample of Nzymes Healthy Skin Shampoo. I wanted to use it but was hesitant because of the open sores on his back. I had always used Micro-Tek shampoo but was concerned about using that as well. The last thing I wanted was for anything to further irritate his already inflamed and open bleeding skin. So I read the directions on the shampoo, and trusting in Nzymes, gave him a bath. I let the shampoo remain on him a full five minutes as directed and rinsed him off – I was amazed at the results, literally amazed!

I realized during the rinsing process a lot of the dead skin and scabs seemed to slough off. The other amazing result was the smell was gone! After his bath in the Healthy Skin Shampoo, I also noticed how calm and relaxed he was. No longer scratching and biting at the sores. He was so relaxed he just went to sleep. I just kept on thinking, we found our new forever shampoo! In thirteen days he was almost completely recovered.

I kept the Ox-E Topical Spray in the refrigerator as recommended to soothe the sores and applied it four times a day for the first week and then went to three times a day. I bathed him every 4 days in the Healthy Skin Shampoo and in thirteen days time he was absolutely better. This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used and have dogs for over fifty years. I’ve tried everything imaginable in the years I’ve had dogs and have never been so impressed with a product.

Romeo and I are so grateful to Nzymes for The Healthy Skin Kit and The Healthy Skin Shampoo that got us on the road to recovery and complete health. Thank you so much for all of the research, time, effort and care put into your products, as we surely have benefited greatly from it. Thanks and Nzymes forever!!


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