Stubb Gets Help for Yeast Problems Blamed on Allergies

Around 2 years old, Stubb started having horrible itchy ears. The vet said you need to change his diet, he’s got allergies. So I did this with no results. Then his underbelly started getting black and he would lick and lick getting worse and worse with a definite odor.

So I started researching myself, and found Nzymes and “yeast issues”. I was so excited because this was exactly what was wrong with him. I started him on the program and I am happy to say after 6 months he is doing tremendously better. He’s definitely a happier dog.

His underbelly cleared up first, and his itchy ears are doing much better now. I am very happy with the program and would definitely recommend it and will continue it indefinitely for the health of my pup.

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Itchy ears, itchy blackened skin, hair loss, odor, paw licking, fur pulling, recurring UTI’s are all potential symptoms of a much larger issue. Namely, a systemic yeast infection. This problem is not a disease. Instead, it stems from a breakdown of the natural state of the intestinal tract. As the environment of the gut breaks down, it allows for the overgrowth of fungal yeast, leading to all the problems mentioned above. Antibiotics and Steroids are commonly administered for these symptoms, but in the long run, only serve to further diminish the friendly bacterial colonies needed to contain the yeast. It becomes a vicious circle for many who are struggling with these issues.

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