Dog Seizures: Natural Approach versus Traditional Approach

Jesse, Sweet Lab-mix with Seizures

 lab mix with seizures

Breed: Shepherd/Lab Mix. Age: 13 Yrs. Health History: Seizures

When he was about 6 years old, Jesse, our Lab mix started having seizures. Our vet said unless he had the seizures more than twice a month we wouldn’t put him on medication. Well, he started having them more often so the vet put him on Potassium Bromide about 2 cc’s, twice a day. The dosage eventually went up to 4.25 cc’s twice a day. His whole disposition changed. He laid around more, didn’t smile anymore, no sparkle in his eyes and gained a lot of weight (eventually up to 132 lbs).

antioxidant Treats for longevity supportLooking for natural help

Finally one day I went to the computer to check out lab mix with seizures and I found Nzymes.COM. One of the persons there previously had a dog with epilepsy. He suggested I start Jesse on the Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats, the Ox-E-Drops, and a good natural dog food to avoid chemicals, colorings and other additives that are known to contribute to seizure activity. We went back to the vet when I told him we were going to take Jesse off the potassium bromide and try these Nzymes®. He said, “Do you think that is a good idea?” I said, ” What worse could happen than we would have to put him back on the medication again?” However, we were afraid to just take him off the medication cold turkey so we weaned him off while loading him up on the Nzymes®

Doing so much better, but don’t run out!

example Ox-E-Drops bottleNow we were totally using Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats, Ox-E-Drops and natural dog food.
Jesse’s smile came back, his eyes sparkled and once again he would give you that wink once in a while. He maybe had one or two very mild seizures at the beginning but then went to none for a long time. My husband asked me to order more Nzymes®, but I kept putting it off, thinking to myself, “do they really work, am I just spending money for nothing?” So about a month and a half went by and I kept putting off ordering the Nzymes® when I heard our other dog barking like something was wrong. I went to check and see and there was Jesse laying by the door having a seizure.

I went to get my husband who always comforted Jesse during her episodes and then I went straight to the computer to order more Nzymes®!

Never will I be out of Nzymes® ever again! So now, we are “Seven Years Seizure Free” with Nzymes® and good dog food. Jesse is getting older and slower but still maintains that sparkle. 🙂

Thank you Nzymes for giving Jesse back his normal loving life for the last seven years.
Peggy Fetchko – CA

Nzymes Footnote: Please consult with a veterinary professional before making changes to prescription medication products

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