Sara is Relieved of Ugly Oral Growth in 2 Weeks

NOTE: This young Whippet Hound mix, was troubled by a large ugly oral growth at the front of his teeth, making it difficult to eat. See how the Nzymes® Papilloma Support Program helped the body get things under control. See the Before and After pictures lower on page.

Sara Overcoming Dog Papilloma Warts

Sara, Whippet with oral growthSara is a young dog I adopted 4 months ago. Just about one month ago she suddenly had an oral growth appear on her (frontal) gums.

I did some research on the internet and it looked exactly like what was described as canine papilloma or COPV. Everything I read said that I should just leave it alone, and it will resolve within 6 months.

Then, I searched the internet (again) and found the Nzymes.COM site.  After researching the material, I placed an order for the Nzymes Twin Pak Kit for COPVNzymes® Papilloma Support Kit (to aid with challenges the immune system faces with this viral issue). The Kit ‘includes’ Black Leaf Tincture and Ox-E-Drops. Within three days, the papilloma (growth/wart) had shrunk about 90%.  I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it!  I’ve recommended this product to everyone I know with pets, and also started using it on my older dog who has gingival hyperplasia.  Will report back on that.

Melanie Higgins – FL

Learn MORE: Nzymes® Support/Removal Program for Dog Papilloma Warts

Sara, original growth.

Sara after a few days

Same growth after 3 days.

Sara, much better in 4 days

Sara after 14 days.

14 days, & Sara all better

Support Kit for Reversal of Dog Papilloma Warts

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