Urinary Crystals in DogsName: Pearl P.
Age: 11
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Health History: Urinary Crystals, Joint Health


Holistic Help for Urinary Crystals in Canines

August 30, 2005.

My Labrador, Pearl, had recurrent problems with poor Urinary health and crystals in the urine. She was also showing discomfort in her hind legs and hips.

On June 26, 2004, I called the folks at Nzymes.COM and talked with them in length concerning Pearl. They mentioned how they see this issue with urinary health issues constantly and suggested better foods. The issue described as being the poorer quality of ingredients in the prescription food (mainly corn starch and white rice) and questionable preservatives like BHA and BHT, plus other chemicals and additives which can all contribute to the ongoing problem. They also advised that she needed to be on Nzymes® Granules and Ox-E-Drops. And, since Pearl was on an antibiotic at that time, they suggested we start her on the Bac-Pak Plus.

I’m thrilled to say that Pearl is doing wonderfully!!! She has lost approximately 9 pounds, joint health issues are at least 90 – 95% better and her last vet checkup revealed no urinary issues. She has been on this routine for approximately one year now and I saw great improvement with 3 months.

Pearl now has lots of energy, feels good and loves to play. Just think, she will be 10 years old in September, 2005! She never misses her Nzymes® Granules and Ox-E-Drops! Pearl says thanks also.

Susan Peach – Morganton, NC

Nzymes Note: 

Pearl’s story has been around many years now, but still serves to illustrate how holistic approaches can help to control common issues in pets. Nzymes 3-Pak Kits provide key elements to supply Antioxidants, Digestive enzymes, Probiotics, and pH balance. For more complete support for Urinary issues, click HERE

Products Used in Pearl’s Story


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