Cookie – Horse with Heaves, Chronic Cough and Kidney Issues

We wanted a mixed breed older pony, for my two small children. When we met Cookie, we knew Cookie was a horse Horse with Heaves and Chronic Cough. She also had a respiratory problem similar to emphysema.  I felt her disposition and gentleness outweighed her health problem, so we went ahead and bought her.

She ended up to be the perfect pony for my two small children. She had a definite cough upon exertion so she was limited to walking. Three weeks after Cookie came to live with us, she went off of her feed and was very lethargic. The doctors thought she ate something poisonous.

Horse with Heaves and Chronic Cough

Cookie’s Kidney Levels Were Very High

It was bad enough that Cookie was a Horse with Heaves and Chronic Cough. Our vet next drew some blood on her to discover her kidney levels were very elevated. Her lab values were so high that they were certain that Cookie would have permanent kidney damage. In fact, one vet said that she may not live through the night. Cookie pulled through with treatment but was still sullen with little appetite.

Next Came Diarrhea

Cookie had very bad diarrhea that was treated with medication and beneficial bacteria. But nothing seemed to help! This went on for three weeks.

It was then that I found the Nzymes.COM site when doing an internet search. I was skeptical, even after reading some testimonials, but I went ahead and ordered your Nzymes Sprouted Granules.

How this Changed Our Horse with Heaves and Chronic Cough

After only 5 days of doubling up the usage, Cookie has made an almost complete recovery!  Her diarrhea is almost gone, her appetite is back full strength. An added benefit was her long hair coat from her hormone problem had begun finally thinning out!

The coughing from her heaves has even subsided! Her kidney values are within normal range also! She now snickers at us whenever she sees us with a bucket because she thinks it’s time for her Nzymes® Granules. She loves it which she gladly chomps right up!

I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible product!  I have started all of my other animals on it. I’ve also told all of my friends about it!  You certainly have a believer for life in me!

Cheryl Robben
Burlington, IA

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