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Blamed on Allergies: Sores, Abscesses, Discharge, and Hair Loss

Does your dog have bloody sores, abscesses, smelly discharge, and hair loss? Have these problems been blamed on allergies? This testimonial is all about the kind of work we do here at NZYMES® every day to help people just like you!

HoobieInflamed and bleeding undersidehoobie8_after6-17-06

You’re probably thinking “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” That’s what I was thinking too – until I tried NZYMES®. My dog was at such a painful point, that I was determined to either find a product that would eradicate the damages from antibiotics and steroids for his “allergies”, or make one myself.

I studied the ingredients that were being used in the NZYMES® products for people, so I knew that NZYMES® had the right stuff. What I wasn’t sure of was what amount per pound to use. When I discovered that NZYMES® are human-grade products I decided to take this NZYMES® supplementation along with my dog, Hoobie.

Before using the NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Kit, my poor dog had open bloody sores on chest and belly, abscesses between his toes, horrific smelly discharge, massive hair loss and it must have been driving him mad to be itching and gnawing himself raw. At one point I considered “putting him down” if I couldn’t find anything to relieve his suffering. The vets just kept wanting to drown him in antibiotics and steroids and would not consider that their treatment could be contributing to the core problem: Poor Gut Health due to the continuous “destruction” of the good bacteria in the gut.HoobieBelly view 3-15

You see, I got my dog out of the paper at 4 weeks old. They told me the mother died and in three days, and I knew why – PARVO. On day two, I’d already scheduled a vet appointment but Hoobie became so lethargic that I took him right in. They said it was probably worms and went through the usual routine. On day three, he wouldn’t eat, drink and just laid by the back door listless. His skin wouldn’t bounce back on a pinch and I knew he was dehydrating right before my eyes. I took him back in, and I was informed he had Parvo. He spent the next four days and nights with intravenous antibiotics which did, in fact, save his life.

Unfortunately, it also severely compromised his GI tract and immune system (though they told me I was crazy for suggesting this) and for the next 3 years of his life, he went through round after round of antibiotics and steroid treatments.

So, (finally) I’d had enough and I’m glad I did because NZYMES® really works! Hoobie still has some scars (bald spots) from where he just gnawed himself senseless with itching, but he looks, smells and feels wonderful. He’s happy again, with a luxuriant coat and still loves to roll in the grass! So much for their “allergies” (diagnosis)!

hoobie9_after6-17-06I’m so grateful to NZYMES® for making these products. I don’t even want to think of what my life would be like without Hoobie.

If you’re being told your dog has “allergies” and needs prednisone or antibiotics – that may very well be true, however maintaining healthy gut flora is essential and should not be ignored. So, try NZYMES®. Follow the program – it really works!!

K. Greyson, IL

NZYMES NOTE:  The “allergies versus Yeast” argument tied to dog skin and itching problems goes on constantly in our modern world – where Steroids & Antibiotics seem to be the so-called solution to just about any issue.  Since 1999, we’ve yet to see any case where these medications provided an answer to dogs having horrific skin problems; whereas, our yeast-removal process – to re-balance the Gut –  (now called the Healthy-Skin Program) has a tremendous track record of positive results (well over 90%).  However, on the other side of the coin – we regularly come across cases where a dog has absolutely ZERO skin problems until AFTER those treatments have been used.  Here are a couple of case examples offered for the curious reader to explore, if desired:  RAJA  or  JASPER.


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