Anemia in Dogs


A Brief Overview on Anemia in Dogs

AnemiainDogsAnemia in Dogs is a rare but often ‘life threatening’ condition which is all about a low red blood cell count. This can come about from several different reasons, which may include loss of blood, the destruction of the red blood cells (autoimmune disorder), or even a slowed production of red blood cells by the body for some reason. This being a very serious matter, it is important to be assessed by a vet well experienced with this particular issue…

Causes of Anemia in Dogs

Associated causes of these issues can include cancer, significant trauma, infectious diseases, genetic problems, reactions to drugs, a deficiency in iron, problems with kidneys, an inflammatory disease, or another autoimmune disease.

Nutritional Support Dogs Affected by Anemia

As you can see, there is quite a variety of directions from which such an issue can arise. Neither age nor gender are normally factors in the realm of predisposition to such issue. Though specific vet recommended treatments may likely include corticosteroid drugs – such as Prednisone – it can be very important to provide your pet with ‘natural’ support during such a crisis. As with every other health issue where our special Nzymes® live-food formula can have a major impact, surely the cellular-level metabolic support provided by the core Nzymes®Antioxidant Treats OR Sprouted Granules – can be of significant value with this particular health challenge.  And we believe the extra dietary and digestive support – provided by the Ox-E-Drops and Bac-Pak Plus will do their part in a holistic process for helping the body restore energy, strength, and vitality.

Supportive Nzymes Products for Dog Anemia Concerns