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Dr. K. Kenyon, DVM, on Skin Tumor Results

VET OBSERVATION: NZYMES Usage for Histiocytoma Skin Tumor trouble >
This Fresno, Calif Vet has used NZYMES® products in her practice for several years. Some years back she provided her comments – in the Video format – on various health challenges seen in her practice. In this case she is referencing a case of a German Shepherd with this Histiocytoma skin tumor on the dog’s lip. This type of tumor is fairly common in younger dogs, we are told. An example is seen with the inset picture here. Both Antioxidant Treats and Ox-E-Drops (in 2% diluted solution) were used. The Treats supply nutritional support for immune function, while the solution is used topically.

histiocytoma example in dog

Histiocytoma Example

You can find more complete information on Dr. Kenyon on another page, where she discusses dealing with a Brown Recluse spider bite on another dog. You can visit that page – if desired – by CLICKING HERE.

VIDEO:  Dr. Kenyon discusses NZYMES use with Histiocytoma type skin tumor:


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Products Used in This Example & Recommended for Such Issues

Antioxidant treats and Ox-E-Drops bundle