Help for Dogs that have Lost their Vitality or ‘Get Up and Go’


Lethargic behavior in animals, including dogs (or horses), can often be attributed to elements missing in the diet. The lack of energy, listlessness, sluggishness, laziness, or similar symptoms can be a direct result of body malfunction directly related to nutritional elements missing that are needed to fuel critical metabolic processes. At the very heart of these “missing elements” would be the simple every-day ‘dietary’ enzymes that the body craves but can never get from the typical food sources.

Much of what needs to be addressed to correct lethargy in your pet begins in those microscopic cells of the body. Imagine the cells as miniature power plants. The cells receive fuel in the form of oxygen, carried to them by the bloodstream. The cells then “burn” this fuel to release energy for the body’s needs. As a real power-plant would produce toxic smoke when converting some fossil fuel into energy, the cells also produce toxic by-products when “burning” oxygen. These toxic by-products are known as Free-Radicals, they are oxygen molecules that are missing electrons. In seeking to balance themselves, they “steal” electrons from surrounding elements, setting off a chain reaction. As Free-Radicals increase, cell function can diminish, leading to LOW-ENERGY OUTPUT.

To combat this ongoing issue, the body produces Antioxidant enzymes, such as Super-Oxide Dismutase and its cousins, as natures way to reverse such damage. Production, however, of such critical enzymes within the body hinges largely on a daily intake “live food” from the diet. Heat destroys the live food component of foods. Since all pet foods have been heated, cooked and processed, this “live food” element is missing. Without some daily intake of highly nutritious ‘live food’, the body does not have sufficient resources with which to produce adequate amounts of the vital antioxidant enzymes described above. This is why a simple dietary supplement, like Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules, can be so effective by providing this essential missing element to the diet.

NOTE:  A little further clarity on the body’s production of antioxidant enzymes. If we look at it from the ‘people’ point of view, these are the elements that our bodies produce in mass quantities when we are YOUNG. You might call them the ‘essence of life’.  And, as said, through our prime years of “youth” our bodies are producing these enzymes at a very high rate, which keeps us young, healthy and full of vitality. Once we pass that certain critical age of our prime youth, say 25 or so, the body starts producing lower quantities of these enzymes every year.  This continual ‘lower output’ of such enzymes is a large factor in the aging process; wherein, toxins and free-radical damage issues (and others) are not being dealt with as when we were young.  This has a lot to do with aging. The core Nzymes® products provide the key ‘live nutrition’ necessary to spur the body’s production of the antioxidant enzymes, while also providing small amounts TO the body with each daily dose. This physiology is much the same with dogs or animals.

Products Recommended for Lethargy Concerns with Dogs

 Antioxidant Treats for Preference to Provide a TREAT, Granules for Economy Preference


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