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Navicular Problems in Horses

A Look at Navicular Problems in Horses  What to Watch For - What Can Be Done Navicular problems in horses are the most common cause of lameness in horses.  In fact, the navicular bone, plays a major role with the overall health of the hoof and of the whole horse?...

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Muscle Atrophy in Horses – Meet Sampson

Arabian Horse Survives Starvation, Weight Loss, Atrophy, and LamenessAs the owner of a horse rescue organization here in California, I see some horrible cases of muscle atrophy in horses. One such case was an Arabian horse by the name of Sampson, which we rescued. To...

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Dreamer, Horse with Joint Calcification

Horse Joint Calcification with Limping I thought some readers could benefit from my story of my horse with joint calcification. In August, I purchased a horse named Dreamer. Approximately one month later, I noticed that he had developed a limp. I did not think much...

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Lameness in Horses

Three Most Common Causes for Lameness in Horses:To begin with, there are many possible causes for lameness in horses (see below). However, the most frequent or common factors that result in lameness in horses are provided in the links shown below. However, no matter...

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Calcification in Horses

Nutritional Support for Calcification in HorsesVitamin and Mineral Imbalances Calcification in horses is a problem that apparently affect horses much more than other animals. Perhaps this is due to the extra demands placed upon the body of a horse. For instance,...

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Horse Arthritis and Joint Pain

Natural Support for Horse Arthritis and Joint PainIf you seek a "better quality of life" for a horse you have come to the right place. Especially if your working with horse arthritis and joint pain.  As a starting point, one simple NZYMES® product delivers the...

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