Not nuts about your dog smelling like Fritos?

I love Fritos.

You know – those salty, crunchy, corn chips – perfect for every occasion.  I believe Fritos are what God intended when he made corn (and I suspect the Mayans would have discovered the Frito long ago had they not been distracted by the discovery of beer).

My point is, I just love Fritos…  No dip is complete, no party is really started without the smell of a freshly opened bag of Fritos.

But this is not an editorial about party snacks… This is about something distantly related to the delicious smell of Fritos–but decidedly inedible.

Dog smell like fritos

That’s right. I didn’t quite get it – why a foot would smell like my favorite corn chip? It’s just wrong. Nevertheless, I was curious to know why pup paws can have this pungent smell…


It’s caused by bacteria and yeast… nestled deep in the dark, moist, furry folds of paw pads – the perfect breeding ground for trillions of bacteria and yeast.

Gross? Yes… but is this a serious paw problem? Not necessarily…

First, it’s worth noting that many folks have already decided that this corn foot thing is normal – just Google ‘Frito feet’ and settle in to read some entertaining material.

Does Your Dog Smell Like Fritos?

But just because something is common, doesn’t make it normal. Common sense will tell us that is it’s easy for dark, moist places to develop a bacterial or yeast infection – so it’s actually a good idea to keep a nose on the corn chip paw pads.

Yeast and bacteria can grow big and fast. And so can the smell. The good news is there are many home remedies, washes, and shampoos that can help get things back under control – diet and nutrition also play a big part in preventing the problem. Just don’t ignore it. Especially if the Frito chip smell is accompanied by itching, paw licking or biting. In this case, you will need to address the problem internally and topically because the yeast already has the upper hand (or paw).

And it’s not hard to pay attention to this particular problem…You don’t need to get down on your hands and knees to take a sniff every night. You’ll likely know there’s trouble when you walk into your house and smell a freshly opened bag of Fritos. But even if you’ve become nose blind to the smell, pay attention to the house guest that asks where the snacks are… if they try to follow their nose, I promise they won’t find anything delicious.

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