Healthy Eats that May Kill the Creaks

Typical Shopper Question:  “What can I get that is all-natural and that can help free my dog from the daily aches, pains, and stiff legs that limit mobility?”

A Little Super-Nutrition Daily Can Help Win the Fight with Dog Arthritis!

In this age of wonder drugs, it’s no wonder good ole real nutrition is becoming less available and more unpopular. It’s downright inconvenient to hunt for live food enzymes when there’s a pretty new pill to pop for everything from backaches to bad gas… and canine arthritis may be one of the best/worst examples of this unbalanced trend.

Healthy eats for dogs

It seems so normal that people and pets get fed a pill or two when their joints start aching. Pills to address the symptoms, but not the underlying problem, and which can often times create side effects that require yet another new wonder drug to counteract. It’s a seemingly endless and expanding cycle.

But it doesn’t need to be only this way… nature and nutrition are still some of this world’s best helpers and healers. I’m not trying to sound hokey – I have great respect for the advancements in science and medicine. And it’s worth noting that nutrition and medicine can work together in very complimentary ways – I’m simply suggesting that sometimes things can be incredibly improved in very simple and natural ways.

We humans have a saying – “You are what you eat” – but if dogs could talk to us about their arthritis, I imagine their version would be, “You feel what you eat.”

Some foods actually just pour gas on the inflammatory fire. Any plants from the nightshade family should be avoided completely – these include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and white potatoes (sweet potatoes are fine). Grains also have a bad reputation when it comes to aggravating arthritis – in fact, some pet parents have found that switching their dog to a grain free diet can be the secret ‘pill’ they’ve been waiting for all along.

If you choose to go with a grain free diet nutrition for your dog with arthritis, make sure to read the ingredients on your pup’s favorite kibble. Most dog foods contain grains of some kind – and those that don’t, often use another no-no instead: potatoes. But all hope is not lost – those that use tapioca or sweet potatoes could be a great new menu item and there are canned foods that are low in carbs (compared to kibble) and still high on flavor. Another option is to explore the world of raw or homemade diets. Many can be affordable with minimal effort and maximum results.

Now for the good stuff, you can simply add to the menu that eats and treats your dog’s arthritis.

Celery, alfalfa, mango, papaya, and ginger are all awesome add-ins. Organic apple cider vinegar also has some fans but may find a few finicky consumers. These ingredients are full of live enzymes that help maintain healthy joint functions. Make sure to puree these contents so your dog can digest them in a helpful way: give him a celery stalk and you will likely see that sucker show up in your morning poop bag – but puree it and his tiny tummy will suck up all the good stuff.

celery and other natural nutrients for dogs

If time and effort are an issue, there are nutritional supplements that can help you cheat in an affordable way. Do some research and pick one your pup enjoys – then just watch the magic work itself.

Nutrition is a powerful tool often overlooked – for ourselves and our pets. Arthritis doesn’t need to mean the end of happy frolics… it can mean the beginning of a happier, healthier life!

Super-Food Nutrition Boosters for Creaky Dog Joints and Max-Energy

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