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Dachshund Duo Doing Well with Nzymes.

Dachshunds Bella & Emi Doing Better Now We would like to thank Cheryl Penhart for sharing her experiences with Nzymes and her 2 Dachshund "sisters", Bella & Emi. She shared their stories during our Summer Photo Contest. Like so many others, one pet had the...

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Collie and Skin Problems Recovery Story

JAZZ - a Collie Finally Finding Relief from Skin Symptoms PARTICULARS Breed:  Collie Age:  8 years young Troubles:  Hair Loss, Itchy Skin Problems, Skin Blackening, sores/weeping scabs, low energy, diarrhea Oct. 11, 2010 Jazz and I would like to thank the people at...

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Systemic Yeast Infection in Dogs or Cats

  Yeast Candida and Fungal Skin Issues with Dogs or Cats Early symptoms of Yeast (Candida) taking control of the Gut are not so obvious; it's mostly about itching/scratching, and too much licking at feet or legs (maybe some chewing involved). If things are allowed to...

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Skin Blackening in Dogs

  Does your Dog Have Blackened or Elephant Skin? Noah was a young Pit Bull-Mastiff mix with perfect pink skin and a healthy looking coat. At 2 years of age, after a routine trip to the vet for vaccination shots, he began to develop a patch of blackened skin. The vet...

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Hot Spots on Dogs

Dog Hot Spots Causative Factors & Getting Resolution What are Hot Spots? Hot spots in dogs can be defined as "moist skin eruptions that can occur anywhere on a dog's body". The name is most probably tied to observations that they most generally occur during the...

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Aural Hematoma in Dogs

Dogs and Aural Hematoma Concerns For any section of skin under an ear-flap that happens to develop a collection of blood, this is a result (whatever the cause) that is referred to as Aural Hematoma. In simpler terms, this is a form of a blood blister. It can be a...

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