A Variety of Breeds and Short Stories: Written or Voice Recordings

Many customers write in to tell us about Nzymes results and provide very brief stories. That being said, we felt that a collection of related stories would be useful to Nzymes customers.  This page is to contain a variety of these ‘short stories’ related to common “mobility disabilities” such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, limping, etc. Included in this offering is a smattering of AUDIO testimonials, where customers have called in to leave their verbal story on our phone system (ext. 110).

Short Stories in Order of Appearance:

    1. MINDY —- Corgy, Hip & Arthritis troubles
    2. CHARLIE – Chihuahua, Aging / poor mobility
    3. TACO —— Pitbull, Difficulty rising or lying down
    4. DINA ——- Lab/Boxer, Hip Dysplasia; 2 comments
    5. BOO ——- Retriever with Arthritis history
    6. ??? ——— Owner speaks of dog’s struggle with Spondylosis
    7. MAGGIE — Border Collie with Hip troubles

#1 MINDY: Corgi with a history involving hip dysplasia and arthritis

November 30, 2011

Mindy could hardly climb up and down stairs and had difficulty to even get moving in the morning.  But after only 3 days on Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats, she was hopping along and even running some.  Plus now she is using the stairs much better.

After being on Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats, for three weeks, she has lost a couple of pounds and is not shedding nearly as much.  Thank you, thank you for these treats, they are great.  I will now look into buying some for myself (the people version of course).

H. Lenfield, MI

#2 CHARLIE:  Audio Story, of Chihuahua with mobility troubles and aging, as told by the owner.

Francis Benson
Kansas City, MO


#3 TACO: Pitbull/Lab Mix with difficulty rising, lying down, and limited mobility

June 27, 2013

I have read so many testimonials in my life and never has a product lived up to the hype that these various companies produce. So after reading several testimonials about Nzymes®, I was once again skeptical about a product.

My dog, Taco, was a very healthy dog that loves to swim and go for long walks.  Around two years ago he had a tear in the ACL Ligament on one of his back legs and was severely limited on what he could do. Since I could not afford the surgery, I tried every natural way that I had read about to help my dog.  I did see some improvements while trying various methods but I gradually noticed that he was starting to struggle once again. Taco could no longer handle anything but short walks and swimming was just out of the question.

So about three months ago with nothing to lose I ordered my first shipment of Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats. And, being the skeptic that I am I figured nothing would change. But here I am 3-months later in total amazement.  My dog is going back to the river swimming literally every day.

He’s taking long walks in which he gets tired faster than in his younger days, but when I’m in my seventies I guess I will too.  However, I cannot express how happy I am with your product. I have my old dog back.  He seems no longer depressed and he is happy once again about life and so I am. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!

I am one excited and happy customer. In fact, I think I am going to order your people Nzymes®.

Mike Jundt, California

#4 DINA:  Boxer-mix; hear Mr. & Mrs. Freeman speak about a serious case of hip dysplasia, and success they saw. They each give their rendition of what went on with their mixed-breed Dina.

Mr. Freeman: 

Mrs. Freeman:


#5 BOO:  Labrador Retriever Mix with Arthritis history; age 16

September 20, 2012

My 16-year-old lab mix has been part of my family since she was a little pup. Her problems started out slowly with difficulty getting up and her hind legs would shake and sometimes she would even fall down. One night my wife even called me at work to say that Boo couldn’t get up and that we may need to have her put to sleep.

She never acted as though she was in pain, only had trouble getting around. A neighbor gave me some pamphlets that she had on Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats. I have never been a fan of supplements, none have ever seemed to make a difference in the past.

But, what the heck, she highly recommended them and I would try anything to keep my old girl around a little longer as long as she wasn’t hurting.
After about 2 weeks of taking the treats, there was a slight improvement in her mobility. Now about 6 weeks after starting her on Nzymes®, she acts like she did 5 years ago! I built a ramp to help her go up the 2 steps from the garage to the house to make it easier for her to get in, and she jumps over it now! I do realize she doesn’t have a lot of time left, but the quality of the time she has left has been greatly increased thanks to this product!

More than 100% satisfied…
Damon Purl, IN

#6 JILL DUFORE:  Lady discusses her dog’s mobility problems with Spondylosis, then talks about her horse and herself. Many people begin using Nzymes after seeing remarkable results with their animals.  Please enjoy hearing her words.

#7 MAGGIE:  Border Collie with Hip troubles and healthier coat.

I’m happy to report that Maggie is doing much better as each week goes by. Our evening walks are getting longer and much of her stiffness is gone. She is running and playing again which just makes my heart sing!

She actually jumped up onto the bed in our RV, which absolutely blew us away. She hasn’t been able to make that maneuver, without assistance, for quite a long time. Her coat is looking better – softer, shinier, and it is not pulling out in big clumps anymore. I recently had a friend visit and she couldn’t believe how well Maggie looked. All in all, your Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats seem to be working like magic!

Thank you for improving Maggie’s quality of life.

Marge Farmer – Silverdale, WA

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