Yarrow was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia Feb. 2017. We had surgery in March, she did wonderfully, we were feeling good about the future for her. Then in August of 2017, she started limping on the hind end. We knew it’s that gut feeling you get at doom on the horizon we took her to the vet to have her x-rayed and our fears were confirmed. She had hip dysplasia. His prescription was pain meds, weight control, and joint vitamins. Another option, hip replacement. We didn’t want to put her thru that.

I know from living there are always other things. I asked him About swimming. He said that would be great. So we put in an Above ground pool. But by the time it was in and dog approved that was September. I wanted relief now. On the way home from the vet, I looked for help for hip dysplasia. My guardian angel was with us. I found Nzymes almost immediately. I read the reviews and testimonials. That day, I called and placed an order for Granules. 3 days later she was getting a double dose.

Within 2 weeks her eyes told me there was little or no pain. I took her off pain meds and she just kept getting better and better. She runs, chases our other shepherd as though there was nothing wrong. I now give her the Treats and Bac-Pak Plus.The vet is amazed, he said her coat is beautiful and she walks and jogs as though her hips were normal. On top of that, she used to itch a lot – no sores or anything, but now, no more itching!

This product works so much so, I put my other shepherd on it. He scratched a lot also. Not anymore. Then I put my horses on just the Granules. One for lameness, one for itching, one for carcinomas. Have also seen great results.

I cannot express how happy we are we found Nzymes.

Christine Stewart

Goldsboro, NC

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