Navicular Problems in Horses

A Look at Navicular Problems in Horses


What Can Be Done

To begin with, Navicular problems in horses are the most common cause of lameness. However, In addition, the navicular bone plays a significant role in the overall health of the hoof and the whole horse? Various issues bring about navicular problems in horses. They include improper trimming of the hoof, short or long-term shoeing, and an inadequate natural environment.

A navicular bone is located directly behind the coffin bone and is held by tendons and ligaments. This navicular bone has two main functions:

  • Protecting the joint and tendons from pressure and concussion.
  • To act as a valve for blood flow to the coffin bone and corium in the hoof.
Graphic describing Navicular in Horses

Symptoms of Navicular Problems in Horses Include

  • A short, choppy stride along with lameness,
  • Toe first gaits (tippy-toeing),
  • Weight shifting from foot to foot,
  • Soreness after working.

Doctors explain, Navicular problems can worsen when the horse is worked in a circle, especially in activities such as lunging. Therefore stumbling can frequently occur at all gaits or even the simple walk. Generally, It is more apparent when horses are asked to step over obstacles like ground poles, tree roots, or rocks. However, the issues can be maintained by regular farrier work and, in some cases, special shoeing is needed. Shoes can add extra support to the foot, ligaments, and structure of the leg.

Navicular Syndrome in Horses

Powerful Support for Navicular Problems in Horses

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