dog paralysis recovery

Sweet Maltipoo Walks Again Thanks to Prayer & Nzymes

My little girl Candi was paralyzed and has a spinal issue. When taken to the emergency room in early 2022. I was told that if she didn’t not get a $9,000 operation, she would not walk, and if she had the operation it was a 50/50 chance. I took her to the vet who gave her steroids and she had very little movement but had her up to eat and look around. She wasn’t doing much.Because I believe G-d hears our prayers, my husband and I prayed and fasted for answers and recovery. I was lead to your site when doing research.

Within 24 hours she started to try to play with me in her bed and tried to sit up. The video shows her progress and shows her running around and progressing.

Today, she walks and runs around without any assistance and walks up to half a mile. We will keep her on Nzymes to keep her healthy and for preventive maintenance. THANK YOU!
Geana S. – Wesley Chapel, FL

Nzymes Note: Candi’s story came to us during our Holiday Photo Raffle Contest. Her story touched us, as her desperate situation led these folks to seek help, first from God, then looking online leading to Nzymes. It is our hope that her story will be an encouragement to others. Thanks for visiting.

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