Information on Bone & Growth Related Issues in Dogs

The most common issue related to bones in dogs has to do with growth and development problems. This is seen this quite frequently in the larger breeds – due to their tendency toward overly rapid or unchecked growth and development. Pet foods that are unbalanced and thereby too rich in either Protein or Fat, or both, are the most frequent causative factor with these problems. Growing-phase large-breed dogs should be fed a Super-premium, moderate Protein (22-24%), and moderate Fat (12-14%) food. These foods have a superior Vitamin/Mineral package and promote slow, even growth. Check out the Pet Foods Recommended by Nzymes.

It is important to never supplement a growing puppy or kitten of any breed with megavitamin, or any supplement with added Calcium. These products can greatly disrupt the natural progression of bone development, even causing deformations. Nzymes products do not contain mega-vitamins or added calcium, are perfectly safe for pets of all ages. Furthermore, they can be very instrumental in assimilating the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the foods being consumed, aiding in proper development.

Since there are various conditions, most affecting Mobility, relating to Bone deformities or Growth disorders in dogs, you can find other helpful information with the following LISTING:

Product Recommended for Growth Issues or Bone Deformities in Dogs