Good Food is Important

How Important is My Pet’s Main-line Diet, Really?

The importance of ‘quality’ pet nutrition is often overlooked, or not really understood by pet owners. The myth is that our pets’ bodies sustain themselves on whatever we feed them regardless of the ingredients. They seem to enjoy eating whatever we put in front of them. If our pets are happy then we give them whatever we want. After all, they only have a short amount of time with us, right?

We beg to differ.

Wolves in the wild, kept from bodily injury, can live to be 25+ years old. Why? Because they have the freedom to find, hunt and absorb the nutrients that their bodies need; virtually always, these are “live nutrients”. Our domesticated fur-friends, however, do not have that luxury. The nutrition that our pets receive is dependent solely upon what the owner chooses, not the pet. And that daily nutrition is generally always cooked or processed, and thereby DEAD (no live enzyme content), not to mention the poor quality in general.

Let’s turn the tables a bit. As a parent, when your child is weaning from the bottle at 9-12 months, would you feed him or her only french fries? What if they seem to enjoy eating fries? Since infant children can’t speak for themselves we have to make responsible decisions as parents to give them more than just what they want. We make these decisions in order to better their quality of life.

We have the same responsibility as pet owners that we do as parents. Just like humans, pets’ nutrition levels are directly proportional to their overall health. The old saying “You are what you eat” applies to all mammals, not just us.

Unfortunately, most pet owners do not begin their exploration toward pet nutrition until after they have exhausted all possibilities in the medical field. After so many rounds of medications, pet owners begin to question if they are making the best choice for their pets. Very few pet owners seek preventative measures in pet nutrition, although many could avoid the medications altogether had they taken caution to the pet’s diet.

One thing that many pet owners don’t know is that all processed foods, healthy or not, lack a certain live food enzyme that is critical in the fight against free-radical damage as well as maintaining healthy cellular function. These cells are the key to health and vitality. Supplementing these live dietary enzymes into your pet’s daily diet will help in more ways than you can imagine.

As pet owners, it is essential to understand what nutrients are going into our pet’s bodies. The best advice I can give you is this:


  1.     To keep your pets’ immune system strong, protecting from possible illnesses, we must focus on pet nutrition.
  2.     To keep your pets’ joints and bones healthy, protecting from joint problems like arthritis, we must focus on pet nutrition.
  3.     To maximize pet quality lifespan, including vitality and longevity, we must focus on pet nutrition.
  4.     Achieving these goals requires providing Quality Food daily, along with the “Live Nutrition” missing from Pet Foods.

It may sound redundant, but we as pet owners should not overlook the importance of pet nutrition. Do some research and see how you can help prevent future health problems for your pet. Keep your pet healthy and happy. Click here for a list of high-quality foods recommended by Nzymes – and click below to add the power of Nzymes to your dog’s daily diet.

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