Christmas Stories and Pics 2019 – Con’t

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our in our simple, Christmas Photo Raffle. We are receiving so many really great photos, and stories too, that we put this page up just to showcase them all. There is still time to get your pics submitted too! Click HERE for details.The Prize, drawn at random, is a Sleigh full of goodies!

We hope you’ll enjoy the wide variety of submissions featured here, and this awesome Video too!



Rett – had systemic yeast when he came to us at 5. We believe it was due to constant steroid use to get rid of his itchy skin. He was also allergic to many foods.We began feeding raw & tried many different things to improve his immune system. Finally we were told about an article on systemic yeast & the Nzymes protocol. We tried it & it truly helped his skin. We had him until he turned 9 & passed due to severe arthritis. I still use the Nzymes skin bundle for my 3 yo female Tara who has never had a problem & as long as she stays on Nzymes, I hope never will.


Barbara D
Somerset, KY

Tara – has no issues but her big brother Rett did & she went on the same skin bundle protocol as big brother Rett who had systemic yeast. We’ve had Tara from 12 weeks & she has been raw fed & on the skin bundle protocol since about a year old or so. I keep her on the skin protocol so she never will have skin issues. Shes 3.7 yrs & has never had a problem…and hopefully never will.


Oakley, Odin, Mudd & Elvis>>>
We are a house Full! Our pack consist of 3 rescues and we absolutely love them! Our Dogs are our babies and the world is a better place for allowing us to love them!
Nikki L.
S Jordan, UT


Dash – My Dash has had very bad allergies that cause skin rash problems. We have been use if the Nzymes system and he is on his way to healing.

Connie C
Camp Connell, CA


Lyric & Stoli – I have 2 dogs. Lyric is a 2.5 year old Black Lab mix and Stoli is an 8 year old beagle.
I first learned of your product for my old lab Layla who lived to be 18 I think because of your products. She has a hard time walking and I swear after 2 weeks she could go up and down the steps again. I started her on the product at 14. I got Lyric when he was 8 weeks old. As he grew, he had weird skin rashes and hair loss and the vet said it was bacteria. Nothing would help, so I ordered the chew-able Treats and bam, he started to heal. Hasn’t had any issues since.

Stoli is getting older and starting to have issues, especially respiratory. We have tried all sorts of treatments and the only thing left was to do a biopsy. I found your Respiratory Kit and decided to give it a whirl before I spent a lot of money on surgery. She is as good as new and not having mucus come out all the time. Thank you so much for your products. I am always giving out your website to help others.
Jillian D
Rossville, GA


Tristan – We adopted Tristan from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. He was adorable and we loved and bonded with him immediately. After we got him home we took him to the vet for his first check up and the vet told us he believed Tristan to have skin allergies. His little stomach was all red. I found Nzymes from my local pet store. They were selling the Antioxidant Treats and we started using them immediately. As Tristan got older we began using the he Healthy-Skin Kit for his allergies. We still use the antioxidant treats each day but he no longer needs the skin care. He’s happy and healthy. Thank you Nzymes.
Belinda W
St Cloud, MN


Louie & LeRoy – I started giving Louie the Yeast Kit due to various allergies when he was around 9. He had so many ear infections and yeast infections that never seemed to clear up. It was amazing how much better he was after a couple weeks. The smell was gone and his ears were clear. My vet had never heard of these products but after I researched and started him on them they were believers. I kept him on it until we lost him to old age at 17. I believe with all my heart that had I not kept him on this maintenance plan he would not have made it that far. His fur was still silky soft and he still had pretty good energy and only started declining a couple months before we lost him.
We have a new little guy Leroy who is 12 weeks old and I have already started him on a plan and will continue giving him Nzymes throughout his life. I tell anyone who will listen just try it and see, I have never heard anyone being disappointed!! Thank you for all you guys do to help these family members (also people because my friend and her son just got diagnosed with Lyme disease and they are starting it too)
Christene S.
Feeding Hills, MA


Foxy – My dog has skin issues due to yeast infection that comes from the gut. We’ve been going in and out several times at the vet to find a solution, we tried changing the food, medications and it did not change the situation. I was overwhelmed of the fact my dog was always scratching, had hot spots, lost of fur and most of all always feeling down.
I decided to do some research on the internet and found Nzymes, I read stories of other animals especially with the same issue and thought why not give it shot and its been 4 months now that we’ve been using Nzymes and WHAT a difference. My dog has been feeling much better, fur growth and no more itching WOW!! I really recommend this product for those in need. I am really happy that this product helped my dog on getting better.
Thank you so much Nzymes!!
Lorraine G
St-Cesaire, QC Canada


This is Harper my Lab. I add Nzymes Granules to their food daily.
Travis Z.
Sturgeon Co. AB Canada

I’ve only been introduced to your products and am waiting on my first shipment for my itchy Ellie-Bellie. I learned about your product from a doberman breeder and am hoping for the best!
Patricia B
Stanford, IL


My dog, Shayla was dealing with a bad yeast infection and I was trying alternative treatments, with the help of our vet, to help her. Since I knew this was directly related to her gut, I was eager to try Nzymes when my neighbor shared with me that she had given them to her dog…and had great success! So I started Shayla on the Granules, Ox-E-Drops and Antioxidant Treats. That was three years ago and these are still a part of her diet that helps keep the yeasty beasts away!
Sandie B.
Torrance, CA


Mickey – We rescued Mickey when he was 7 months old from a couple that had found him in a McDonalds parking lot (hence the name “Mickey”). Mickey was found at a few weeks old on a freezing cold February day, curled up in a ball by a trash can. Our first few weeks with Mickey were hard and he had difficulty settling into our home with our other dog, Josie. After about a month of long nights & hard days, Mickey finally settled in and became the snuggliest guy we ever knew. A year later, we adopted another dog and became a family of 5. Mickey loves being a brother to Josie and Lewis- he loves to play, protect, and cuddle with them. About a year and a half ago, we went through one of the hardest things with our Mickey which began as a severe skin rash. Mickey was treated for an ear infection & had a biopsy completed to determine if he had an autoimmune disease. In the meantime, Mickey was rapidly losing all of the hair on his nose up to his eyes & even over his body. He developed huge lumps over his body and went through countless antibiotics and rounds of steroids. While he was taking all of this he was losing loads of weight and had horrible side effects from all of the medication. It was a really difficult time for us as I wasn’t sure how much longer Mickey had with us. He then had 2 allergy tests done where we got a list of 15 things he was allergic to. He began immunotherapy treatment where we were administering a shot to him every day to every other day. During this time, his condition improved some but not where we thought it should be. I came across Nzymes a few months ago and knew we had to give it a try. I believe Mickey was misdiagnosed and actually has pemphigus and when I heard Nzymes had helped other dogs with this condition before, I knew we had nothing to lose. We started Mickey on the pack back in August/September and we’ve seen more improvements over the last few months with these products than we ever saw with antibiotics and allergy treatments. Not only that, Mickey experienced none of the side effects the steroids and antibiotics were doing with Nzymes. Overall, his nose isn’t totally clear but the progress we’ve seen, I know in the next few months of continued use, he’ll get there. Mickey is and was a fighter and I told myself I wouldn’t give up until he was ready to give up, and Nzymes gave us our rambunctious and cuddly guy back. I couldn’t be more thankful for these products & the fact we’ll spend another Christmas with our boy, and for many more years to come!
Tayler H.
Festus, MO


Sienna – is an almost 16-year-old smooth red dachshund. I rescued her when she was six years old. I always say she rescued me. She is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. I know that our time together is limited and I cherish every single day. Sienna has been suffering from an overgrowth of yeast to due antibiotic use from when her teeth were pulled. I have had her on the Nzymes system for over a year and she is definitely improving.
Debbie C
Seattle, WA

Boo – developed an awful limp a few years ago and it just wasn’t getting any better. I started doing some Google searches and came across a success story. That dog had been given Nzymes. I google more success stories and started reading everything I could find about Nzymes. I figured I had nothing to loose so I ordered them. Within a week her limp was gone. At one point after she was taking them for about 6 months, I ran out and waited too reorder. Well the limp came back so I reordered and she’s been taking them and has been limp free every since.
Julie H
E Walpole, MA


Lucky – (Shih Tzu) is 14 years old. I adopted him from the shelter, one day before he was to be euthanized. He has been my sidekick for the last 8 years. Sadly, his health has declined and he no longer can walk on his back legs. He has Hip Dysplasia and severe arthritis and just found out a week ago that he has cancer. I’m heartbroken and I know it won’t be long now before I have to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Zale – (German Shepherd) is 6 years old. He has been with me for a year and a half now. He was about to be surrendered to the animal shelter and someone contacted me to see if I could foster him. I only thought I would foster him for awhile, but he stole my heart and he’s part of our family now. He isn’t dog friendly, but he loves my Lucky. They are inseparable. He will be lost without Lucky when the time comes for Lucky to cross over. I love both of my fur babies so much. I thought I was saving them….they saved me! ❤️
Stephanie M
Olive Branch, MS


Tundra – is a wolf/hybrid rescue from Florida! Sadly, weighing 30 lbs when she was rescued, and wasn’t able to gain weight or have solid bowel movements! She has put 10 lbs on, and her confidence level is Back! She is happy go lucky girl!
Thank you so much great product, and in 3 weeks time.
Adrienne A.
Port St Lucie FL


<<<<<<<Tyke – was bitten by a Lab and was paralyzed in the front legs. I bought Nzymes Granules. And I’m amazed that he is walking again
Travis Z
Alberta, CA

Peadro jumped off the bed to go outside. I don’t know what happened but by night time, he could not walk. He was paralyzed. The doctor said he would never walk again. We saw a video of a little dog could not walk it was in wheelchair. At end of video, it was talking about Nzymes. We ordered a bottle and now Peadro can walk.
Christy G
Canon, GA


Gracie – I bought Gracie from a small farm in Caldwell, Texas. I drive 10 hours to get her! I also got a speeding ticket on my way home because I was so excited to get her home. She has lived in Texas, New Mexico, Japan, Texas again, and finally in Colorado, where I am from. She has traveled the world with me! Gracie is the sweetest little dog. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and is very affectionate and snuggly. She has had a few “episodes” in the last year where she seems to be lethargic or can’t get comfortable. Nzymes has helped these episodes become much less frequent!
Emily S
Parker, CO


Merlin – I live in Hawaii. Not necessarily a location that is great for dogs with heavy fur coats. I have 4 Newfoundland dogs and 2 of them have skin issues. Since being on Nzymes I have seen a significant improvement in their hot spots.
Rose D
Hilo, HI


Recused Maxx in September of this year 2019, he was 3.5 months old, about 1.5 pounds, constantly itching, scratching, loss of hair on his legs. behind his ears, top of his head…which look like it was going into his eye…red mange…parasites in his intestinal track, which caused a bloody stool.
Totally distraught, wanting to help the little guy out in such a big way…consulted with my veterinarian. recommended antibiotics, meds to stop diarrhea blah blah blah nothing seemed to pinpoint the issue toward Maxx recovery.
I happen to be at our local town Dog Park…a woman walked Up to me and said your dog needs Nzymes. Talk about karma I said WHAT!!! she said you need to call and speak with Mike at Nzymes. Huh???
My jaw dropped still confused…trying to absorb all of the information. She then told her story about her pup who had elephant skin showed me pictures and when I looked at her PUP now I was like no way she’s like way it truly works it takes time don’t give up but it really works.
I ran home googled Nzymes, I spoke to a gentleman named Mike… Who pinpointed Maxx skin an coat issues and made recommendations for products. Still a little skeptical I said to myself well I’ve tried everything else let me give this my best shot. Sure enough after one month of using the products Maxx Hair began to grow back ( had a patch here and there) but not nearly as much as he did initially. Changed his food to Raw Food/freeze dried which Mike also recommended. I can’t say enough good things about the product Nzymes AND MIKE!!! SAVED MAXX LIFE!!! XXXO
Claudette R.
Westport CT


Wyatt – My boy Wyatt broke his hip when he was a baby. As he got older he started limping on his bad side. I started using Nzymes a few years ago…it helped him so much he never limped again.
These pictures are from last Christmas. He passed away in October shortly after he turned 12.
Carla G
Blanchester, OH


Izzy – I have been using your products for years. Started with my dog Martha who tore her ACL at an age to late to do anything. She limped and I was going to get her a dog wheelchair and came across this product – she never limped again. My new Yorkie has Luxating patella – I did get her operated on and use the product to keep her in top shape.
If I see a dog limping – I stop them and tell them about the product. I could be a sales rep – that is how much I believe in the difference it makes.
My relatives and friends with dogs who have had problems use it also – and it works for all of them!
It’s a must have!
Thank you for making my fuzzy love ones pain free!
Parmalee B
Tukwila, WA


Clotey – He seem’s to say “Hello! Welcome to my Humble Home”🐶😊🏡 Merry Christmas around the world!😘🎄
“Clotey” became a genuine member of our family. He never gets shouts or kicks from us. We treat him as our companion, playmates and even our little bro!😊
I really missed him being so energetic and playful before. After he got his seizure attacked he is completely different. I started using Antioxidant Treats, Sprouted Granules and Tincture two months from now. I saw some improvements on him. I will keep using Nzymes Products for my beloved dog because i am confident it could really really help him a lot! With Nzymes and prayers my pet will surely live longer!
Thanks #Nzymes. Merry Christmas😘😘😘
Melanie B.
Tigbauan – Philippines


Bear – was have more and more seizures.
I tried different foods and nothing seemed to help. Then I found Nzymes products.
He is a different dog and he loves the tablets.
Jeff D
Laguna Hills, CA


Justice & Chase – It’s warm here in Florida, so neither one of my boys have on any Christmas attire. Justice has navicular on his right front hoof, and Chase had a piece of re-bar through his right front knee. N’zymes is the only product I’ve found to help either of my Children with hooves. They are both peeking over the fence in anticipation of Santa’s arrival!!!
Polly L
Milton, FL


<<<<<<<<<Dixie & Roxy

Dixie and Roxie visited Santa.
Barbara B.
Bennettsville, SC


We absolutely love your products and rave about them to anyone with issues that Nzymes can solve.
Thanks for being a great company!
Charlene P
Aliquippa, PA



Bailey Kiernan – is a very special dog to our family for many reasons . The most important is that when my adult son passed away, Bailey was there with him, so it comforts us very much to know he wasn’t alone that terrible night. Bailey stayed at his side until we found him the next morning , my son lived alone with Bailey Kiernan. Bailey has become our comfort dog and now lives with us. His grandmother, grandfather and grandson.
Bailey had emotional issues also after his master’s death. His hair began to fall out and skin got itchy. The vet said medication would help but may change his temperament and that was a definite no no. We started him on the Nzymes daily routine and in 6 mouths his itching stopped and his hair grew back .
Thank you so much for helping our Bailey Kiernan!
Tony S
Saugerties, NY


Ruckus – showed a sudden onset of odd symptoms one day when he was 2 1/2 years old. I took him to a veterinarian who severely mishandled him and subsequently ruptured a disc in his spine, leaving him paralyzed the next day. We rushed to an emergency veterinarian and was gobsmacked by my options! I could: a) leave him paralyzed or b) put him down or c) find $6000 for an MRI and surgery.
I have addison’s disease and had an addisonian crisis when they told me and woke up in a hospital after nearly dying from the stress of Ruckus’ situation. I spent 2 days trying everything known to man to find the money, but no luck. On the way to have him put down, an acquaintance heard of our plight and loaned me the money. After nearly a year, my poor little boy was finally as good as he was going to get. He still doesn’t always have his back legs going the right direction, but other than that, he’s great. Afterwards he would have relapses, was in horrific pain and had to be confined to his crate for weeks at a time.
After his 2nd relapse, I found Nzymes and thank God I did. I was literally wrestling with the decision of was it fair to Ruckus to keep having these painful, debilitating relapses or if I should put him down. Once he started taking his Nzymes, he’s not ever had another relapse since…that was almost 8 years ago now!
Thanks Nzymes, you literally saved my dogs life and gave him back his quality of life!
Lyssa F
Belfair, WA


Tahnee – This picture is of our little girl, Tahnee when she was 4 months old in 2013. The Tigger Christmas stocking was her favorite toy. When she was 4 years old in January 2017, she had to have surgery on her knee. 2 weeks after surgery, the vet told us she was in complete liver failure. We were devastated by the news. Our friend Sally Hull gave us Brenda Johnson’s contact info and told us she could help. We immediately picked up Nzymes from Brenda and started Tahnee on the Granules, Ox-E Drops and the Treats. In a months time, her liver was showing improvement and by the 2 month mark, Tahnee’s liver enzymes were back to normal. We were so relieved and so thankful to Sally and Brenda for helping to save our girl’s life. Tahnee is a happy and healthy 6 year old now. We can’t imagine life without her. Thank you Nzymes.
Cheryl F.
Marquette, MB Canada


<<<<<<<<<<Charlotte – was adopted from a local Great Dane rescue. She had mange and even after it was under control, she was always itchy. Nzymes has helped her to be more comfortable.
Lois T
Lake in the Hills, IL


He was paralyzed, and after taking Nzymes, he is back on all feet.
Marita H.
El Paso, TX


Luna – was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at nine months old, and I was told the double hip surgery would cost 8000 dollars which I do not have living on social security!
So my daughter saw your info and ordered it for her she’s three and living a full Happy life which two doctors a said would not be in the cards for here that she would be lucky to be able to go past 1 year.
So I am very thankful for your product it has kept her pain free and alive. Thank you
Pat Kowalkowski
Bemidji, MN


Razzle – who is nearly 6 years old and never had hot spots before started breaking out in multiple hot spots about a month after changing his food. The vet prescribed antibiotics and steroids which provided relief, but as soon as I stopped them he would break out again. This went on for several weeks and I started doing some research and found articles about system yeast infections and how you must starve the yeasts of carbs to get this under control. I changed foods again with minimum amount of carbs and he still broke out. I then put him on a raw diet and ordered Nzymes Healthy Skin kit which I started him on a week later. Three weeks into the raw diet and two weeks into the Nzymes he had another bad hot spot on his face. Concerned, I called Nzymes and they reiterated it would often get worse before it gets better. After week three, I started feeding kibble in the morning and raw in the evening and continued the Nzymes program. By week 4 of Nzymes program I started the Bac-Pak Plus and I believe we have beat the yeast infection. No new spots have appeared and he is acting his normal healthy self. I plan to continue with the current feeding program and the full Nzymes healthy skin program for at least a year and then may look at what I need to do for simple maintenance to keep the yeast in check.
Rebecca O
Augusta, MI


Harley – About two years ago, our Shih-Tzu, Harley, came staggering out of the bedroom unable to walk. His back legs were paralyzed. We took him to the vet and they kept him overnight. They did blood work and x-rays and found nothing. He was put on medication and complete bed rest for weeks. I would take him out and hold his back legs up so he could pee. I had to wrap the pillow, that was in his cage, with a plastic bag and he laid in his pee when he wet. I took him outside in a laundry basket because he loved the outdoors. He just wasn’t improving and the vet said an operation might work. We were devastated and thought about putting him out of his misery.

Then I saw videos of dogs with the same issue that took Nzymes Antioxidants. I thought, “I have nothing to lose”. Slowly he started getting better. I crush one tablet a day and put it over his food. I was lucky enough to buy 6 bottles at an amazing price. Now he runs like the wind thanks to Nzymes.
Carol Y
Anderson, SC


Nikolaus – I am your biggest fan. 🙂 I’ve been giving Nikolaus the Nzymes Antioxidants and he is 100% better. He’s a big boy, 130 pounds, and I was carrying his back legs for every trip out. He’s now walking like a 12 year old dog should walk. It’s still a bit hard for him to get up from a lying down position, but with a little help he’s up and out we go.

He also has a respiratory/heart issue and this seems better, as well.

I can’t begin to tell you how bad he was, I thought I’d lost him several times over the last couple months and I’ve cried enough tears to fill an ocean…but, thanks to Nzymes he is back!! THANK YOU!!
Bren R
Bessemer, AL


Viny – and I bonded 5 years ago one month after my wife of over 50 years Nola passed away.
Viny was a rescue dog of 11 years of age when he came to me, he is now 16 years old. Viny was abandoned in a house with a cat. When rescued, his teeth were rotten an had to be removed. The vet brought him up to health and he subsequently ended up with me.
He is a true companion to me as I am 81 years of age and Viny goes with me every where I go! He is also a real good hot water bottle when he cuddles. Which he likes to do
Jim T
Meadow Lake, SK Canada.


<<<<Gypsy – Originally we bought Nzymes to help Gypsy with her wobbler’s. Not only did her wobbler’s and strength improve it also help her “big potty” time. Before Nzymes, Gypsy was dragging her feet but after a month she is a whole new dog, running and jumping. Also her once loose stool is now that of a healthy happy doggy! This makes me a happy momma. Thank you Nzymes.
Natalie W.
Houston, TX

Basil & Bordeaux

Basil and Bordeaux are about 6 months apart. They are both 17lbs of pure nuggetness!! You can follow their adventures over on instagram @basilhaydenontherocks.

Ever since we got Bordeaux she’s exhibited signs of allergies. We’ve tried raw food, kibble, cooking our own, different allergy medications, even NAET treatments. She’s had chronic ear infections and constantly licks her paws. Because nothing has seemed to work long term we are thinking her issues are a product of too much yeast in her system. Which is when we started looking for solutions and found you.
John & Kim E
Enumclaw, WA


Max & Toby – A little over 3 years ago Max (my Chizer mix) suddenly could not use his back legs. I was so worried. Never had I experienced anything like this before and could tell that his was miserable. I immediately started searching the internet for answers and everything that I was reading was stating that I would have to take him to the Vet and have all these test ran, and I knew I couldn’t afford it at that time. Two weeks in I switched up my wording in the search engine and Nzymes popped up. I began reading all the testimonials and I knew I had to give it a try. It didn’t take long for your product to arrive and I immediately started him on it. Day by day he slowly regained mobility. Thank you for having such great products.
Kisha L
Lubbock, TX


Guinness – This is Guinness. He’s using Nzymes to keep his stomach in balance. He is doing so well on it , no more gas or diarrhea. He’s a perfect boy now. I put him on it because Hannibal my other Great Dane is doing well on it Too and keeping him with out aches and pains.

Tammie K
Plainfield, IL


Leo – This is Leo, our 5 year old doggy. He is a wonderful, smart, and loving dog. One day, our family took Leo to the beach for a day of fun and the next day Leo began limping. He couldn’t use his hind legs, paralyzed. We were terrified and confused because this had never happened to us before. Our local vets also had no idea what had happened to him. Leo would not get up from his bed at all. On the day we decided to almost put him down. A friend, who is a vet in Guatemala, recommended Nzymes for Leo. We looked at Nzymes videos and we saw what they had done for other dogs. While getting some rest and taking his meds, Nzymes arrived to our home. Shortly after one week of taking Nzymes, Leo began to recover. He started to try to walk again. His legs seemed much more stronger. After a month, Leo began to use his legs and walk around the house. Now four months later, Leo is pretty much back to normal. He can run, jump, and play like he did before. We are so thankful for Nzymes, because they gave us our wonderful and loving pup again!
Merry Christmas from Leo ❤️
Vilma H
Tracy, CA


Sonny – is an 11 month old Doberman pincher. He was boarded in October and had a great time for a week and a half at his friends house playing with other dogs. Unfortunately due to his young age and lack of immunity, he developed oral viral papilloma warts.
I went online, and found Nzymes Papilloma Support Kit. It had great reviews so I thought I would give it a shot. It worked incredibly fast. Within a week and a half the warts were decreasing in size or disappearing. By 2 1/2 weeks they were pretty much gone. We are still supporting his immune system with products but he is back to normal and my vet says he is not contagious at this point. Happy to have my boy back to normal in time for Christmas!
Linda F
Scottsdale, AZ


Tobie – has had difficulty walking, but since starting the Nzymes antioxidants, he has been doing better.
So glad we gave them a try.

Margaret G
Corning, NY


Kitty – My dog’s name is “Kitty”. After giving her Nzymes, we noticed a big difference in her personality much happier and more playfu,l thank you. Nzymes you changed our dogs life.

Rosiland A
Fresno, CA


Scrappy – has had skin since the day I got her. I didn’t know what to do for her except of course what the vet told me. I stopped her treatments when they didn’t help.
Several years later I adopted another dachshund. She had been abused, and about 2 years in she started having mobility issues. After trying adjustments and acupuncture I started searching the Internet for a product that would help. After starting the Nzymes along with the adjustments, she improved on her mobility. She was actually able to walk again! I kept Dee on the Nzymes until the day she passed, and have kept Scrappy on them to help maintain the progress we have made!
Thanks for all the help and relief that you have given my girls! Oh all the toys are gifts for the cousins!!!
Renee H
Coyle, OK


Meatloaf – has recovered completely from viral papilloma. We started her on Nzymes Papilloma Support Kit. My 2 Frenchies love the Antioxidant Treats.
It has been more than one year that Meatloaf has recovered and she is getting even stronger. We love the Ox-E Drops that you can add into their water. Previously, Meatloaf does not even like to drink water. Now with the Ox-E-Drops, she is drinking more water than usual.
I find your products very effective and my furries love it too!
Kimberly T
Singapore, SG


Charlie – This is Charlie. He came into my life at a time when I had a void. My oldest sister had gotten married and left my parent’s home. We are three girls, very close. To see my sister leave was really hard. Since I was a little girl all I would ever ask for was a dog, but I was not allowed .My dad thought they were dirty and too much to care for.
With my sister leaving I thought it would be a good time to try him again. This time he said yes! So came the search for the right breed. My boyfriend at the time had a recommendation from a coworker. He gave me a scrap piece of paper with the breed the breeder’s name and it said “beautiful coat well tempered”. I still have that piece of paper. We went and met with them in Pacifica, California. A bit of a drive, but well worth because that’s where I met Charlie. At the time his name was Casanova.
The movie, “All dogs go to Heaven” had come out and I loved how the little girl said Charlie’s name. My mom had a dream his name was Charlie. So we went with it. We picked Charlie out of three pups. It was my dream come true!!! 17 years later Charlie is still a big part of our big family. Nzymes has helped with his appetite and coat. We will continue to give Charlie Nzymes , since he enjoys them so much.
Loliette M
San Jose, CA


Rosie, Tucker & Babe – Well I have these three one is a chihuahua, one is a chihuahua greyhound mix and the last red nose pit. 
All 3 are rescues and three yrs old Rosie is the one that has had seizures til I started your product. She has one but it’s rare the first three pictures are of her on the new dog bed that I bought for babe(pitbull) and Rosie took it over. 
The last picture is of the three of my dogs they just a happy pack.
Bill R.
Mt Plymouth, FL


Roxanne – I got Roxanne about 3 years ago. She was a real up-beat dog. She started to grieve because her friend Shi Shi a Cairn Terrier had to be put down for medical issues. Shi Shi was 14.5 years old. Roxanne developed hip problems and I have tried pain meds, Novox 100 mg, cosequin DS joint health supplement, bone broth, aspirin with no avail. I just ordered the Nzymes powder as my last chance to help her with her hip dysplasia. I’m writing this story in hopes to turn around on a couple of moths to give a success story of the Nzymes treatment. I have read a lot about this product and most all positive reviews which has guided me to give Nzymes a try on Roxanne. Roxanne is a real sweet dog and I hate to see her in distress. She limps, pants and stumbles just to get up and go outside. I really hope all scientific studies give my dog another chance for a few more years of quality of life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell Roxanne’s story.
Curtis H.
Douglasville, GA