Do Nzymes for Dogs Really Work?

This great story is actually the result of a negative Review, and is an illustration of the Nzymes® commitment to ensuring every customer sees success AND a happy thriving pet!

Trust-Pilot Review Responded To:

Nzymes Note:  Maybe 10% of the time, using the standard ‘bottle-label’ dosages may not be quite enough help in early weeks. Seeing this negative review, I felt I had to take action to ensure the dog, Sallypop, had a chance at a full life. So, I contacted Claudia. With serious dog mobility challenges (Arthritis, Paralysis, Hip dysplasia, Injury), some cases may require exceeding the standard ‘bottle label’ dosages for a while. With that in mind, I contacted this pet owner in efforts to rectify what appeared (to them) to be ‘failure’. Upon final contact, I explained that deeper challenges may require a double or triple dose for extra weeks. Subsequently, things began to turn in a positive direction. Though very happy with this outcome, I’m most happy for Sallypop.
Terry, Nzymes Technical Director

Sallypop Gets New Lease on Life

June 27, 2018

We lost our German Shepherd Husky and found our Sallypop when she was 4 months old. It was love at first sight. When she was young, she ran and played. Swam in the pool and climbed in and out using the ladder. Smart as a whip. As she aged, she developed joint problems. We consulted with her vets over the years and changed her food, added supplements and prescriptions to help her joints and ease her discomfort. Nothing seemed to improve her activity level or really improve the quality of her life.

Our neighbor told us about Nzymes. We (ordered some and) followed the directions on the Granules and didn’t see any big improvement. Terry from the company called and left me a voice-mail message asking for more details about her because he wanted to help. I called and left a voice-mail for him. He wrote me back and suggested adding an additional teaspoonful (or more). Well it has made some very noticeable difference. She is walking faster and is more alert. She wants to play with toys with us much more often and longer.

Thank you, Terry, for taking the time to suggest options and caring about our baby. God bless you. I’m really sold on the product, now!!

Claudia Powers, FL

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Adjusting Product Provision - (Click Here)

Package/Bottle label NOTICE (often overlooked):  “Some Pets may require double or triple regular daily usage amount for best Results”

Translation: Dogs with DEEPER challenges may need increased Product for some weeks to begin Progress & determine IF or how much the Body can actually overcome the challenges at hand.

Here is the NZYMES recommendation:

IF the initial Double-Dose for 2-weeks did not show some ‘obvious improvement’, this is time to Give it Your Best Shot (dosage wise) in order to maximize your dogs’ chances to “Overcome”. Suggestion:  Try another 2-3 weeks of Doubling or Tripling of Daily provision.  Assuming decent progress during a 2-3 week period, THEN comes the time to begin Reducing the daily provision – to determine HOW MUCH product is needed to Maintain progress made.

In rare cases, a dog may not show signs of improvement during extended ‘double or triple’ dosing periods; this would indicate the underlying issues are NOT something  the BODY itself can actually overcome.  Not every Body can actually make such magic happen.  No way to know – from case to case.  We urge you to CALL at any time for Personal support or assistance, OR to request a return/refund – if resolution seems impossible.

Bottom-Line to remember:  NO medicine here; it’s the Body that must respond and facilitate whatever Recovery is possible.  We cannot guarantee such a miracle. The Products are simply the “nutritional Resource”.


Products Used with Sallypop’s Mobility Improvement