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Horse Abscesses – Causes and Care

A Closer Look at Horse AbscessesEver wondered why yesterday, your horse was normal, but today he/she will not apply any pressure on one foot? With no signs of an issue in the leg, hoof or injury, other than the sudden and painful lameness. What could have happened?...

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Horse Sprains and Strains – What to Know

Symptoms of Horse Sprains and Strains Vary by Affected Areas With horses, the difference between a sprain and a strain is that a sprain is an injury to the ligaments in a joint.  A a strain is an injury to a muscle or to the tendon of the muscle around the joint. Both...

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Navicular Problems in Horses

A Look at Navicular Problems in Horses  What to Watch For - What Can Be Done Navicular problems in horses are the most common cause of lameness in horses.  In fact, the navicular bone, plays a major role with the overall health of the hoof and of the whole horse?...

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Hock or Stifle Problems

Natural Support for Hock & Stifle Problems in Horses The Hock and Stifle, as the main lower and upper rear-leg joints of the horse, bear not only a majority of horse and rider weight, but they are subject to the brunt of all the abuse that comes from pushing off...

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Lameness in Horses

Three Most Common Causes for Lameness in Horses:To begin with, there are many possible causes for lameness in horses (see below). However, the most frequent or common factors that result in lameness in horses are provided in the links shown below. However, no matter...

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