Honey Miserable from Repeated, Failing Allergies Treatments

Cairn Terrier breed

For the last year, we’d noticed Honey, our Cairn Terrier, had been losing more and more hair, and getting more and more sedentary, even though she was only 8 years old and normally should live to 16.  Her skin was flaky and even peeling, she was itchy, and it seemed like every 6-8 weeks we were at the vet for more antibiotics, steroids, or anti-itch medication.

In January 2010 her right eyelid swelled up like she’d been in a boxing match and she went on a round of steroids.  Then 4 weeks later it puffed up again!  At this point, her flanks were nearly bare and her belly and inside her legs were completely bare, with more hair falling out all the time.  My vet thought it was allergies, but we’d tried all the novel proteins and ultra allergenic food and nothing seemed to help.

I Was At My Wit’s End..

..and tired of spending a few hundred bucks every couple months at the vet, I learned about Nzymes.COM from a friend.

I devoured the testimonials on the site and immediately bought a quality food from their “Recommended List of Pet Foods“, to give to her.  Then I purchased the Nzymes® Healthy-Skin Kit.  She started her proper diet a couple weeks before the Nzymes®, which was supplemented with some fresh broccoli and ground turkey and eggs from time to time.  We followed the Program regimen to the finest detail, and the folks at Nzymes® were happy to talk me through all my questions. (Seriously, call them – you won’t be disappointed!).

Then the Changes Came

We started the Nzymes Healthy-Skin Program on April 7, 2010. It is now May 9 and Honey is like a new dog!  She has grown so much hair back all over, she frolics around and has the energy of a puppy.  She no longer needs to wear her cone as she is not scratching (though we continue to bathe her and use the Ox-E-Drops religiously), and has gone from being a dog we didn’t think would make it to summer, to a dog that clearly has many good years left.  We could not be more pleased with Nzymes®!  We saw a change within 2 weeks and by 4 weeks we were amazed.

Thank you Nzymes!
S. London
Fountain Valley, CA

Nzymes Disclaimer Notes:

Please consider this, although many customers may see this much progress on the Program in a short period, such rapid progress should not be expected!  If you get it, consider yourself blessed.  Much of this cleansing process depends on immune performance and how effective that is; or how quickly immune function can be restored.  Most of immune functionality – except for inflammation – is pretty much decimated when yeast replaces bacteria as master of the gut environment; reversing that order is a long and tedious job, and does not go equally well with all dogs.

Resolving these problems is a “cooperative event”; the Nzymes® Program provides resources, support, and help for reversing the damage done by antibiotics, vaccinations, and other factors that have destroyed necessary ‘friendly bacteria’ which must control the gut – to have a healthy dog.  Starting on the Program, please expect 3-7 months to get a dog through the worst of it; then another 6-8 months to finish the re-balancing of the gut, and minor maintenances is recommended after that.  Otherwise, be prepared for  the problem to come back – if not protecting the gut in the manner recommended.

Tired of Failing Allergies Treatments? Get to the Root with Nzymes